Olympics and Sask Winter Games!

The Olympics have begun! And so has the Saskatchewan Winter Games! Today was the big kick off to the games in Moose Jaw and athletes will be participating in events from Biathlon to Gymnastics. I was lucky to be an ambassador for the games and I toured athletes and coaches around the "Village" where they will be staying which is actually A.E. Peacock Collegiate which is the High School I attend!
At the Bell Smith who is an Olympic Winter Games Medallist in Women's Hockey. Being able to meet and talk with these inspirational people made me really realize that dreams can come true as long as you work hard at them.

Siera Bearchell Olympics
I promised I would post about the Musical "Curtains" that was performed this last week and I will! I am still trying to upload the videos so you can check out some of my choreography! I will try again tomorrow!
What is else is tomorrow…. hmmm MY BIRTHDAY! Oh my goodness I am going to be 17 years old. I can't believe it, time flies so fast!

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