Miss Teen BC-World 2010!

This past weekend I visited the Beautiful British Columbia! Only four hours away, I could feel the Olympic air in Kelowna.

During my stay in the Okanagan, the top girls were chosen to move on to compete in Miss Teen Canada-World 2010 this coming July in Toronto, Ontario. I met some outstanding girls that I hope to keep friendships with over the years. I was impressed with all of their skills in each competition area and just blown away by the kind and intelligent personalities possesed by the young women of British Columbia.

I got to catch up with Rhea Sideris- Miss Teen BC-World 2009 and Brittani Gray- Miss Teen Okanagan-World 2009. Both were a little sad to give up their crowns but were ecstatic to see the wonderful girls who would make it into the National Round.

Unfortunately I didn't get to Kelowna until Saturday evening so I didn't have a chance to meet all of the delegates right away and I didn't rehearse the opening number! I was still welcomed warmly and wished the girls warm wishes as they went in for their interviews.

On Sunday morning I woke up early to go for a swim and shower for the evenings show. When I got to the theatre, a buzz of excitement was in the air and I almost felt nervous as if I was to compete that evening as well! While getting make-up and hair done, I got to know some of the contestants a bit more and started to grow friendships with many. I heard great stories and learned what it was like to live in the BC area,  I was curious what the girls liked about the province, because in the future I would love to live there! I have always admired the breath-taking landscape and dreamt about attending the sought-after University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Maybe one day I will have the oppurtunity myself to know what it is like to live in the province of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Finally, the show. After only practicing the Opening Number Once, I let my dancing skills take their course and naturally flow with the music. I knew that if I messed up it wouldn't be extremely noticable. As the night went on I couldn't help but be impressed by the talent walking across the stage. Many of the girls glowed while flowing across the stage and the audience seemed to be so intrigued by their beautiful gowns and moving platforms. I knew that it was going to be a tough choice for the judges to make.

I co-hosted the show with Michelle Weswaldi, the Executive Director of the Pageant and I enjoyed the feedback that we got from the audience. It came the time where we would announce the winners who would move on to Toronto in July to compete for the title of Miss Teen Canada-World 2010. I felt so happy reading out some of the finalists names and loved to see their excitement as they heard their names be called over the loud speakers. The new Miss Teen British Columbia-World 2010 is….. Polina Piskova!

Siera Bearchell

Polina-Miss Teen BC-World 2010 and I!

I truly thought all of the girls were beautiful, smart and very accomplished. Congratulations to all of you girls! You are all amazing!



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