To my successor…

To my successor…

The feeling of my reign ending is quite bittersweet. I am sad about my reign ending, but so happy about everything I got to accomplish, as well as how much I grew as an individual. You are in for the ride of a lifetime, and you will be given so many opportunities! You will have people supporting you from day 1, and people to guide you through this journey. I know you will do such great things with your reign, and know that there’s a reason you got the crown and title. You are beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring and so much more. You can do it, I believe in you ♥♥

Love always, Joanne Shao


Prelims + Rehersals!

Last night was the preliminary round and I had so much fun! I was wearing a gorgeous gown from Bells and Bows Bridal Boutique and had my hair done by Ms.Sarah from Modern College! I had the opportunity to host the preliminary round and all the girls did absolutely fantastic. I am so proud of each and every one of them!

Today, the ladies did a mini runway lesson with the fabulous Marc and Hanna in the morning. Then the ladies rehearsed all day today with Shawn, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the opening number and the fitness dance segment. In the evening, we watched talent and each performance was amazing!! There’s only a day left until the new Miss Teenage Canada is crowned, and this feeling is bittersweet. I am a little sad my reign is over, but so excited to see what’s in store next!


First day at Miss Teenage Canada 2021!

Today was my first day meeting all the delegates for Miss Teenage Canada 2021! I got to only speak with a few girls, but I’m excited to learn more about each and every one of them. I arrived around dinner time and then met my roommate for the rest of the week! Then we went to a campfire and dang, sang, and had so so much fun! Then the night came to a close and we are now back in the room, but I’m so excited for prelims tomorrow!

Talk to you guys soon <3

Joanne Shao


Canada Day

I would like to begin by acknowledging the land on which we gather, and which the Region of Peel operates, is part of the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit. Specifically, the land on which I reside on was part of the lands included in Treaty 19.

There has been lots of circulation around Cancelling Canada Day to stand in solidarity with our Indigenous community. It doesn’t mean we want to cancel all the contributions Canada has made. As the daughter of immigrants, I understand wanting to celebrate a country that has granted opportunities and safety that their home country may not have been able to give many. But with all the news and recent discoveries of what happened to children in residential schools, I believe it’s much more important to be able to show that we are there alongside them, and want to support them in any way we can.

We’ve all learnt about Residental school treatment in history class and have always known about the history of injustive treatment towards our Indigeous community. But now having this evidence come to light, is just further proof of our oppresive system. We need to amlify Indigenous voices, listen to their stories and feel the discomfort. We should learn about their culture, who’s land you currently reside on, donate, support Indigeous creators, and have uncomfortable conversations. Those are only the few ways you can help.


What we can do as non-indigenous people

It was just announced today that 751 unmarked graves (likely belonging to children) were found at a residential school in Saskatchewan. This makes it 1323 children and counting. Only a few residential schools were searched, imagine if all of them were. We think that it’s in the past, but Indigenous people still suffer from personal, intergenerational trauma and systemic oppression.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report was published over 6 years ago, outlining 94 Calls To Action to bridge the systemic gaps that Indigenous people face. We have yet to see much action by our elected officials. It’s in our hands to take action now.

So what can you do? Educate yourself. Learn about who’s land you live on. You can find this out here. Read about the Truth and Reconciliation Reports, learn the Call To Actions. Have uncomfortable conversations with family and friends. Use social media to teach others and learn. Don’t make it performative to fit in. Actually learn about all of this. It’s the least we can do for the Indigenous community as we stand in solidarity with them.


Miss Teenage Ontario Provincials 2021

Last night was the Teenage Ontario Pageant. I can’t believe that about a year ago, I was in these girls’ shoes, and it feels like just yesterday! It went by so fast, and it makes me so excited for nationals week!! 

20 crowns were given out last night. But to all the girls, I’m so proud of all of you! It takes guts to be able to walk on stage, as well as recite your platform speech. If you didn’t get a crown, it doesn’t mean your journey just has to end now. I know multiple ladies who didn’t qualify the first time, and then the next time they tried they did! It just takes some perseverance. And to the ladies who did get a crown, I hope to see you in August! 

I got to see the beautiful Svetlana, our Miss World Canada,  Alice, who is this year’s Miss Supranational China, and Krissy, our Miss Teenage Ontario 2020. I also got to meet the gorgeous Hanna who was the choreographer of the weekend. And who could forget Paola, who owns Paola’s beauty bar? This weekend was a blast and thank you to Michelle for letting me come <3


Canada is not innocent

A few days ago a Muslim family was on a stroll when they were hit by a motorist just for being Muslim. The only survivor is a 9-year old boy. He suffered serious injuries but lived, just to wake up to see that he had lost all his family. This was a targeted hate crime.

We look at the US and believe that Canada is so much better than the US, but the fact is we really aren’t. But we can not deny the fact that there are hate crimes happening, racism still exists, there are still First Nations reserves without clean water, and so much more that is wrong. It’s sometimes hard being a minority living in Canada, and thankfully I haven’t yet been targeted just for being Asian, but I know many friends who have.

We can not tolerate any acts of violence, hatred, racism or bigotry towards anyone, no matter what race you may be. Below is the link to a go fund me in support of this family who was the target of this hate crime as well as an article with more details. Sending love and condolences to the 9-year-old boy and the entire family. May we someday come to a place where we can all live peacefully without violence and hatred.


Happy Mother’s Day ♥

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there, the mothers who aren’t with us anymore, to those who have a complicated relationship with motherhood, those who are far away because of covid, and to those who stepped up into the mother position, this day is about you. Thank you.

To my own mom, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I don’t appreciate you enough. You and dad have supported me from the start. Thank you. I’ve been a momma’s girl since the very start, and still am. Thank you for putting my needs first, even over your own sometimes. You show me every day that working hard pays off. You show me how to be brave, and you have sacrificed so much for me. I love you and you’re one of my best friends.



My self-love journey

Hello lovelies! My apologies for not being too active on the blog, school and life has been crazy! But I wanted to hop on, because I’ve seen a lot of influencers becoming more vulnerable on their platform, and I feel like I should as well. I preach a lot about self-love, confidence in your own image, and more, but it’s been quite a journey for myself included.

Growing up, I used to put a lot of my confidence into how I looked, and I didn’t really like the way I looked. I had really bad acne, I was taller than the rest of my class, I didn’t like the way my face looked without makeup, and there were so many other little tiny things I would be able to pick out about myself that I didn’t like. Social media wasn’t a big help either. I used to photoshop my pictures on social media just to get people’s praise out of it. I would compare myself with my friends who I thought were prettier and better in general, and celebrities I didn’t even know. I didn’t realize it then, but now I realize it was such a bad hole to fall down into.

I think it was just until recently a few years ago, that I realized how toxic it was for me personally. I am so much more than just an outside image. My personality, my intelligence, my positivity are just some of the things that growing up people unfortunately didn’t get to know because I was so obsessed with looks. And then it brings me to this pageant that I’d never thought I’d enter, nevertheless win. I don’t look like your “average pageant girl” that you might see in movies. I didn’t really even know much about pageants before competing in my first one. I didn’t think I would win. Because as always there is this stereotype that pageants are for only a certain type of girl. So, what really is a “pageant girl”?

Let me tell you who she is. She is more than just her looks or her walk in an evening gown. She is someone who is passionate. Passionate about using her platform to spread awareness. Passionate about helping her community. She has dreams and big goals. One of my goals is to make it to Milan or New York Fashion Week, and I’m going to do just that. She has a big heart, and wants to make a change. She has aspirations and hobbies. She is more than a crown and a title. Yes, the pageant industry itself has a lot more progressing to do, but it’s going in the right track. I was given the opportunity, and it has changed me forever. My biggest takeaway isn’t these cool opportunities or the people I’ve met along the way (but it is a close second! I love my pageant girls as always), but it was the ability to love myself in my own skin. That’s what I am the most grateful for, and that’s why I want it to be my mission to help you guys have that love for yourself too. We are in a world where social media has dominated and we see such photoshopped pictures left and right, where we want to become them and are upset we don’t look like them. I have fallen down that hole too don’t worry, but if I can climb out of it so can you. It’s not going to be easy, they say that you are your biggest enemy, but I promise you that you will get there. And even once you get there, it isn’t smooth sailing either, there are so many nights of self-doubt and sadness, but it’s okay to feel that way too. Our emotions are valid.

I can’t believe my reign is soon coming to an end, but if I have helped at least someone finds themselves, I will call that mission accomplished. And I know it’s very early, but to my successor, I know you will do amazing things <3


Q+A time!

Recently, I asked some of my friends and followers if they had any questions for me; whether it was about winning this title of Miss Teenage Canada 2020,  life, advice, anything really and I got some questions and so here are the answers! I answered ones that weren’t pageant related on my instagram @missteenagecnd2020, and it’s under the Q+A highlight, so check that out! Let’s get rolling with the questions!

Q: How many pageants have you competed in? Miss Teenage Canada was actually my first one! I hope to do one more this year during my reign, and potentially one after I turn 18!

Q:Did you experience racism during pageant week? I think with this question it comes from the stereotype of pageantry being white-dominated. This was my first ever pageant so going into pageant week, I didn’t think I really had a chance because I myself as a woman of colour, thought a white girl would win. Looking back at it, it was such a bad mentality to go into such a fun week with, because it was always in the back of my mind and weighing me down. The week itself was so fun and I’ve made friends for life and a literal support system just from my pageant sisters. The stereotype that only white skinny girls win pageants, needs to be broken, and I hope that with more women of colour winning titles, like Nova Stevens, the new Miss Universe Canada 2020, it shows younger girls who don’t have fair skin and blonde hair that they can do the same and reach their dreams just the same, as long as they are passionate enough and work hard enough to earn it. If you are reading this and want to take a shot at pageantry, take this as your sign to try it! You never know what could happen!

Q: What’s your favourite pageant memory? There’s two favourite ones that I can’t pick, either the final day for rehearsal in the morning, I was hyping up my girls on stage and telling them to smile and that we would put vaseline on their teeths to keep their smiles up, and Sam is just beside me laughing at me and it was just such a fun time. Another favourite is the last night before the big show, a lot of us girls were allowed to go into one hotel room and had a heart-to-heart and a mini karaoke session, and it really strengthened our bond as pageant sisters.  

Q:What is something you learned about pageants that you didn’t know before competing? This is a really fun question because this was my first ever pageant, and I wasn’t really following pageants before, maybe Miss Universe, but rarely any Canadian pageants. Something I learned isn’t necessarily about pageants itself, but the support group you build. For a week, you are surrounded by girls from all over the place, and they bring different personalities to the table and you get to know so many people all at once. I didn’t think that I would still be in touch with any of the girls from nationals after the pageant ended, whether I won or not, but I am actually still in touch with a lot of the girls, and I honestly appreciate them so much.  

Another thing I didn’t know at all, is that pageant week is tiring. Waking up decently early around 8am and sleeping around 12pm-1am, and this is apparently on the better side of pageant week. Following up on that, is that you may get a brief schedule of what you are doing that day, but nothing is set, so don’t expect to start anything on time!  

Q:What are you most excited about with your reign?  The first thing I’m most excited about is sharing my platform to a wider range of audience, because my platform is really really important to me and I hope it can positively impact people, and it can be even one person, but I hope I helped them find themselves. I’m also really excited that I get to be currently working with the Mississauga Humane Society, as I’ve always supported what they do from afar, but now I get to actually help them! A close second is that I’m really really REALLY excited about is that I get to meet the girls at the Ontario provincials (hopefully) and at nationals (hopefully)!

Q: What was the most difficult part of the pageant for you? I think the most difficult part of the pageant was honestly the prep behind it leading up to the week, as it was super stressful to finalize everything, but it taught me how to keep on top of things and reach out to a lot of people for help to do events, sponsorships and more!  

Q: What is the healthiest way for kids to deal with inadequate feelings they get from social media? I think this is a great question, because it links to my platform! There is not a right way to deal with these types of feelings, as every person is different in how they deal with their emotions. I personally like to take a break from social media to get back to reality for a few hours and possibly days. I think it’s really important to realize when these types of feelings are about to take over, and how to stop them. Another way is to set boundaries and not depend so much on social media for your happiness or as a way to get adequate feelings.


My Platform

As some may know already, my platform is mainly empowering women and girls regarding social media. From a young age, I knew that I really wanted to change how girls saw themselves. I’ve seen people, including myself, compare themselves to celebrities who have nutritionists, 2+ personal trainers, they go to the gym 24/7, and probably have had botox or plastic surgery of some sort. I’ve had so many nights where I just stare at the ceiling wishing I look like them, and then I would think that would lead me to happiness. But I realize it now that it would never lead me to pure happiness.

Social media is where people post their happiest moments. The traveling, concerts, nights with friends etc. It is also the place where people post the photos that they think they’re the prettiest in or their favourite one out of a photoshoot. With that in mind, everything is edited to some extent. If it’s a selfie, there’s editing on the brows to make them more arched, or to blur out pimples that may have popped up. Even if it looks natural, it most likely isn’t. So when younger girls, see that their favourite celebrities or creators start somehow having such clear skin, or the tiniest waist, they start to wonder why don’t they have that. That’s how EDs can start, or the anxiety to be “perfect”.

A year ago, I wouldn’t leave the house without covering my acne with some concealer, or fixing my uneven brows and trying to contour my nose. For some instagram photos, I would take at least 100, because I didn’t like how my waist looked in it, or the way my hand was placed. Sometimes I wouldn’t even post because of one little thing that I only noticed that I think would ruin the entire photo. Everything I posted was edited and was posed. Nothing was candid. So, only July 15, at 9:53, I took a selfie and just posted it. No editing anything. Since then, I’ve had a lot more confidence and post often about this on my pageant instagram page (miss.teenagecanada2020). Something I’ve started doing is trying my best not to edit pictures, but if I were to do any sort of editing from the normal picture, I would put in the caption what app I used and what changed.

Without this pageant journey, I would not have gotten here and gained all this confidence. If all my posts are edited, that makes me a hypocrite because that goes against my platform and everything I believe then.  If I don’t have the confidence to do something like that, how do I expect others to do so? I do like my other pictures that I have posted in the past, but people need to know that there’s apart of it that is fake.

Everything in life is you against the little voice in your head. Beauty is not defined by numbers on a scale or whether your skin is crystal clear. It is from the inside. If you got an amazing personality, I know for a fact you are so gorgeous. Stop comparing yourself to others you see online and in real life. You got this, I believe in you and am so proud of everything you’ve already accomplished and can’t wait to see what else you do.


News article about my journey!

I got the amazing opportunity to share my journey with Ashley Newport who is the senior editor at Feel free to check out the article linked below!!


The new reign!

Hi everyone! My name is Joanne Shao and I’m your new Miss Teenage Canada 2020! This past week has been the most insane experience of my life. I got to meet 28 beautiful and talented girls who I can now call my pageant sisters, and got to meet Samantha Pierre and Emma Jeapes who are such fun and kind human beings. I walked into this pageant not knowing what to expect, as it being my first ever pageant. My only goal was to have fun, because I didn’t even think I’d make it into Top 12. I truly did not think I would win at all, because it was anyone’s game. But as I now have the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2020, I will give a small recap of my journey till now.

Backing up to early February, when it was provincials, I bought my first pair of nude heels and my evening gown a week before the show. The weekend of provincials flew by, and I earned the title of Miss Teenage Mississauga 2020. Then covid happened, and it was super unexpected. I had events planned,  but could not attend any. So in conclusion we blame everything on covid! <3

The week of nationals came and flew by, and I miss my girls so so much. Monday, we arrived at the hotel and for dinner it was pizza and a pj party. Tuesday, was a photo shoot and video shoot, and thank you to Modern College for doing all of our makeup and hair. Wednesday was activity day, and that included things like treetop trekking, mini golfing, and lake tubing. It was also the day that Emma Jeapes arrived, and I was hardcore fangirling that I almost tripped. She is the sweetest, most down to earth person, and I’m so grateful that she is there to guide me through this journey, because without her I would be so lost. Thursday was prelims night! Modern College came back to do hair and makeup once again, and then it was show time. We had a 30 second speech about our platform, a swimsuit walk, and then talent. I personally did not perform a talent, but all the talents performed were amazing. Friday was rehearsals with Shawn Cuffie, and then in the evening we had a little circle meeting where we talked about one thing we all liked about the week and then a dislike. By the end of it, half of us were sobbing because we were going to have to leave our sisters behind (and by the half of us I meant me). Also I walked into a hotel light that was on the side of the wall somehow on the way back, which was pretty fun. Then came Saturday.

Saturday was the big show day, and I was so nervous and stressed, my stomach hurt the entire day. We had a run through in the morning and then it was time for makeup and hair.  I had my hair done by the lovely Kassandra from Modern College, and I actually got my makeup done by one of my pageant sisters, Mackenzie. We had one last dress rehearsal and then it was showtime. We had our choreographed opening dance number, and then all 29 of us got to walk in our evening gown. It would usually be Top 20, but because of the number of girls we had it was Top 14. Top 14 walked in swimwear, and then it was our swimsuit dance. Top 8 is then announced, and they walk another evening gown. After, it is Top 5 that is an onstage question, and lastly was crowning and awards. It was a blur and I was crowned Miss Teenage Canada 2020!

I can’t even explain the amount of support I got from my pageant sisters. When I was announced for Top 8, my best friend in the pageant Angela Sung, she pulled me aside and told me: “I know you don’t want to make Top 5 because you think you aren’t a speaker, but win this for me, and win this to represent all the east asians babies.” And I did. So thank you Angela. I love you with all my heart. I also want to thank  Krissy McCarthy, Emily Bliss, Clara Chemtov, and Machara McNeil. I was the closest with you guys, and I can’t explain the gratitude I have for your support from day 1, I love you guys so much. Thank you to all the other pageant girls, and even if I wasn’t that close with everyone else, I know you all support me and love me so much. Also another big thank you to all the world girls, past winners, and even universe girls who texted me right when I won, and told me if I needed anything, that they would be there. Thank you.  This is the start of my journey, and I know it’s going to be a big mess filled with laughs, and cries, but I hope to make you all proud.

PS Thank you so so much for all the gifts from Michelle and the sponsors! This is so insane of how much I’ve gotten! This still feels like an unreal dream! (Also I did not win a dog, this is my best friend’s dog, Cleo, and she is the love of my life.)


Introducing Miss Teenage Canada 2020

Miss Teenage Canada 2020, Joanne Shao!

Joanne is a 15 year old honour roll student from Mississauga, Ontario. She is an outgoing person, and loves being part of her community. Going out of her comfort zone to take risks and meet new people is something she strives to do. She loves the arts; especially modelling, and she is currently signed with Bnmmodels. She has passed grade 10 piano, and is currently doing the ARCT level. She is a strong believer in feminism, and in school is part of a club called Making HERstory. She always looks for the good in people, and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Children’s Wish


Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada works with communities across the country to provide children with life threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish.

The Children’s Wish is an organization that is very dear to me.  Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is the largest and only all-Canadian wish granting charity dedicated to granting wishes to Canadian children between the ages of 3 and 17 who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. For more than 34 years, Children’s Wish has worked tirelessly to grant heartfelt wishes to over 25,000 children and their families.

You can read more about the history and mission of Children’s Wish by following the link below:

I have raised money for this organization in the past as funds raised truly support WISHES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  I encourage you to donate by following the link included at the end of this entry.

On March 14th I had the pleasure of attending the Children’s Wish  Fairytale Land event, (formerly known as Princess and Superhero Party)  held in Toronto at the Liberty Grand – The Governor’s Ballroom.

The Fairytale Land event brought together the magic of fantasy and fairy tales to the children.  Children and their families  visited with Princesses and Superheroes, and got to mix and mingle with favourite cartoon characters such as Elsa , while enjoying  many  interactive games, fabulous music, and of course delicious treats!  The night was a memorable night and I had so much fun!   There were horse-drawn carriage rides, superhero skills training and games, face painting, craft stations, and just having fun with favourite princesses, super heroes and characters.  I danced the night away with a bunch of little princes and princesses, it was so heartwarming. I am so thankful to have been able to attend.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It was such an incredible event!  I even had a picture taken with batman and my little prince charming and an adorable little princess.  I also got to hold a live snake.  I honestly don’t know if I was more excited or terrified but I think I am leaning toward terrified!  Regardless, it was truly a wonderful event in support of making wishes come true.

As noted by Children’s Wish at:

 “Children’s Wish Princess and Superhero Parties take place across the country, with the goal of bringing joy to our wish children and their families, along with our wonderful community of supporters.”  

I am pleased to say that there is several additional Children’s Wish Parties taking place across Canada, with the goal of bringing joy to our wish children and their families.  The parties will have Regal princesses and Brave superheroes.  See below for some of the upcoming events: 

April 7, 2019 in Halifax

The Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites 

Princess Tea and Superhero Party

April 14, 2019 in Moncton

Crowne Plaza

Princess Tea Party

April 28, 2019 in Yarmouth

Rodd Grand Hotel

Princess Tea and Superhero Party

April 28, 2019 in Fredericton

Crowne Plaza

Princess Tea Party

May 5, 2019 in Saint John
Trade & Convention Centre
Princess Tea and Superhero Party

May 5, 2019 in New Glasgow

Summer Street

Princess Tea and Superhero Party

To Learn More about Wishes and Read about the incredible wishes these events and your donations will help to grant please follow the link below:

I encourage you to make a general donation to Children’s Wish Foundation below by following the link below:

All donations, regardless of amount, would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to reference Miss Teenage Canada 2018 or MTC

Thank you for reading and thank you to those who decide to donate and support the Children’s Wish Foundation!  Your donations are truly appreciated.

XOX – Kate

Miss Teenage Canada


Miss Teenage Ontario 2019

This past weekend was the Miss Teenage Ontario 2019 pageant, and I am so happy I was able to attend. It was such a fun weekend, and a big reunion. Miss Teenage Ontario 2018, Miss Teenage Kawartha Lakes 2018, Miss Teenage Waterloo 2018, and myself got to get together once again! These girls got to crown the new group of girls who will be competing at Miss Teenage Canada this summer.

On the first day of the competition Me and Liv (Miss Teenage Kawartha Lakes 2018) got to go down to the venue and meet the girls competing. We got too see them practice walking and choreography. We also got to sit in on preliminaries. The girls were stunning! Following the prelims, Aleria, Liv, Avery and I went out for dinner to catch up I haven’t seen them since the Miss Teenage Canada Competition in August.

The next day (finals night) we got ready and went to the venue. The girls got hair and makeup done by my absolute favs Modern Makeup Canada. You could feel the excitement and nerves backstage. The show started and me and Hanna (Miss World Canada 2018) sat front row! The show started off with the opening number which is always so much fun, then all the contestants introduced themselves, and may I say there was a ton of amazing girls competing.

Following was the evening gown, and platform presentation. The girls looked beautiful, and were so inspiring. Then came swimsuit presentation, and the final parade. Finally the crowning ceremony. My beautiful friend Aleria (Miss Teenage Ontario 2018) crowned her successor, followed by the stunning Alice (Miss Ontario World 2018 & Miss Intercontinental 2018) crowning the new Miss Ontario World 2019. The end of the night was some sad goodbyes after the weekend reunion, I miss my friends already, but I will see them soon. I am beyond to see these new girls compete this August at Miss Teenage Canada. They are in for one of the best weeks of their life. I am still so grateful for the week I had and the girls I am still friends with today.

Miss Teenage Canada 2018
Carmen, newly crowned Titleholder
Mahta (Miss teenage Canada 2018 first runner-up) and Kate
Liv and Kat
“Awkward Prom Photo” Hanna Begovic and Kate Lawrence

“The Kate Jessie pose” Miss Teenage Waterloo 2018 and Miss Teenage Canada 2018

Miss Teenage Kawartha Lakes 2018 and Miss Teenage Canada 2018

so much love,

Kate (Miss Teenage Manitoba/Canada 2018)


Christmas Dinner in Nunavut

Hello all,

This Christmas season I had the privilege to travel up north to Sanikiluaq Nunavut to host a Christmas dinner at a school. Sanikiluaq is an island located in the Hudson Bay, with a population of 882 people.

 I got on the airplane early in the morning for a 3 hour flight. During the flight I mostly read my book and napped! 

Once we arrived a team of us from Calm Air who flew up from Winnipeg headed down to the school to surprise the children. 

Once we arrived at the school we began to cook dinner. We made potatoes, turkey, stuffing and more. Once the gym was all set up, Christmas dinner began! I got to serve food to so many smiling faces. I had the opportunity meet so many inspiring kids, and even got a tour of the school. I learned so much about this special Island, and got a soapstone carving as a souvenir. It was amazing too see the kids, and families so excited and happy for the supper.

It was an evening of community, friendship, and love. I am so thankful that the Calm Air group could make this amazing event happen.

There was a huge turnout at the dinner, most of the towns people were there! I am so thankful for this opportunity, and a huge thanks to my sponsors at Calm Air for including me in this wonderful event! I always enjoy going to the northern communities and doing something spacial for the people. 

At the end of the day it was time to go home. My visit was short and sweet, but very heartwarming and a great experience. 

I am so grateful to be able to travel and bring joy to people all around. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. 

With love, Kate 

Miss Teenage Canada 


Curaçao Adventures November 2018

Hello everyone!


In November I had the pleasure of representing Canada at Miss Teen International H20 Ambassador which included a wonderful adventure in Curacao! I am so excited to share this wonderful experience. 

It started off with a very long flight first from Winnipeg to Toronto, getting up at 3:00 am to get to the Winnipeg Airport for my 5:00 am flight and then a flight from Toronto to Curacao.  In less than 8 hours I went from  minus 10 degree weather to +30 above, sparkling oceans, and tropical plants!


The first day on this beautiful tropical island consisted of a photoshoot for C Spirit Swim, Milan fashions, and Revlon! I was so fortunate to experience the incredible ocean views and the very tall and spectacular cactus plants. My first day in this undeniable paradise ends with dinner followed by much needed sleep! 


The next day I spend by the pool enjoying the Caribbean heat! In the evening I attended a press conference! I got to speak a bit about myself and my beautiful country of Canada! The day finishes with supper, socializing, and then bedtime. I was still very jet lagged so sleep was much needed. 

Day 3 was an early rise. I enjoyed a touristy day seeing various parts of the Island. I visited the water plant to learn more about water conservation! Following the water plant we went to a beautiful villa for lunch. After lunch was a grand visit to the Curacao museum. I learned about the island’s history and learned many interesting facts. The day was full, spending time with  new friends, island fun, the Caribbean sun, and delicious Curacao food! 


Wednesday arrives. Today was my birthday! The day started with a surprise happy birthday at breakfast. Everyone sang happy birthday in Spanish to me and I enjoyed a piece of birthday cake at breakfast. Who doesn’t love a breakfast cake! To follow I went to the Curacao television station and appeared on the morning international news! After lunch I presented my H20 project to the judges.   My project covered various important areas focused on water conservation and also included the great work done by the Water Ambassadors Canada.  (Please see my prior blog for more information on this organization.)   Later that day we went to the mall where I did some birthday shopping! After the mall was dinner and the day ends with another cake to share with everyone and a little birthday party.  What a great way to spend my birthday!


While I was on the beautiful Island I got to visit some caves.  I also had the privilege of seeing so many beautifully designed and colorful buildings.


One of my favorite parts of the pageant week was wearing my Canada costume. It was an honor to represent Canada and to wear and display the symbol of a maple leaf, for freedom and pride. 


The final day included rehearsals.  We all got to go on stage. I always love taking the stage, especially alongside of one of my new friends I met while I was in Curacao. First we do the bathing suit walk.  Next was the evening gown. After the evening gown competition, they will announce fast track awards. I was so proud to win best H20 project which fast tracked me! I answered an onstage question and made it to the top 6. 


This week was a huge learning experience, and the first time travelling out of Canada alone. I am so grateful I have been able to make a difference with my water project and will continue to do so! I meant some new best friends.  Miss Aruba’s  dedication to social work and helping and working with kids was inspirational.  Miss  Philippines infectious personality made the week so much fun.  Miss  USA, a talented cheerleader always managed to brighten up the room. It was wonderful to meet the delegates, even if I did not always understand the languages spoken.  I will never forget these beautiful souls and look forward to continuing my work bringing awareness regarding water issues, as well as making a positive impact, in my local home town, nationally and internationally.


Thank you to the MTC organization for their continued support and making this happen!

famous Bells and Bows dress

Caribbean Sun 






 Hello, its Katelynne, Miss Teenage Canada 2018.  I am excited to talk about my most recent project.  Although I have been very busy with school, travel between Toronto and Winnipeg, and other projects on the go, I have also decided to tackle another project, which has become dear to my heart that also aligns with the Miss Teenage Canada organization (MTC) objectives.

Those of you that have been following my journey, or the journey of any Miss Teenage Canada delegate, know that MTC is committed to giving back to the community.  Each year, Miss Teenage Canada is proud to support different charities across Canada.  Funds raised by the MTC delegates at the National Pageant each year support the WE Charity, formerly known as Free the Children.  The WE organization vision is a world where all children have access to education and where no child has to work to ensure their family’s survival. The WE model, WE villages “is an international development model that addresses the five primary causes of poverty with holistic and sustainable solutions that work in tandem to transform communities”(

WE Villages have five pillars, each one a critical component to breaking the cycle of poverty: education, health, food, opportunity, and water.

Why is water a one of the five pillars?  As referenced by the WE organization, children, especially girls, can only attend school if they have access to clean water.  Having access to clean water prevents the need to collect water on a daily basis, which allows children to attend school, prevents waterborne illness, and helps a community become self-sustaining.

Leonardo da Vinci described water as “the driving force of nature.” Clean water is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  Given the importance of this resource, and the potential devastating impacts from its scarcity, I have embarked on a journey to further educate myself on water facts and issues. Although I have always been concerned about water pollution, wastage, and accessibility, I had not personally focused on raising awareness.  I am hopeful that by partnering with organizations that are committed to addressing water related issues, that I can raise awareness that will make a difference.

With this in mind I have recently contacted various organizations whose objectives are focused on water conservation, bringing awareness regarding the global need for clean water and other water related issues.  I am pleased to acknowledge that I am working with Water Ambassadors of Canada (WAC).  

WAC’s mission is “to respond to the global need for clean water and reach some of the most remote communities in developing countries” and their vision is a “world where every individual has easy access to clean, safe water and practices good hygiene to prevent the transmission of disease.”  WAC is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to providing clean, safe drinking water to desperately poor people in developing countries. Through partnering with in-country organizations, WAC sends teams on 7-10 day water mission trips to build and repair wells, install water filtration and chlorination systems, construct bio-sand filters, and teach health and hygiene.  WAC has successfully completed many of these projects and has had a significant impact in many communities.

Needless to say, I am excited to participate in WAC’s Scotia Charity Challenge on Sunday Oct. 21, 2018.   A group from WAC along with me will be participating in the 5km walk on October 21st with signs and buckets (sometimes with buckets on our heads).  One might ask why we will be carrying buckets on our heads? Well, did you know that the average distance that women and children in developing countries often need to walk on a daily basis to get their water is usually around 6 km.  Not only do women and children in these poor communities endure this long trek, but the water is often dirty and contaminated. WAC participates in this event every year in order to raise awareness of this global water crisis.  It is such a privilege to be able to work with WAC to help promote the global need for safe drinking water.  

So why walk for water?  Well, did you know that contaminated drinking water is the largest cause of death and disease in the world?  Millions of people around the world do not live near a clean water source, exposing them to illness and disease.  As referenced by both the WE organization and the Water Ambassadors of Canada organization on their websites, improving access to clean water is one of the most crucial and quickest ways to raise a community out of poverty.  WE can help improve lives by improving access to clean water.  

If you are in Toronto on October 21st, I encourage you to come out and participate in the Walk for Water along with me and representatives from WAC.  Please follow this link for more information on the event. 

If you cannot make the event, there are other ways you can get involved.  I encourage you to visit the Water Ambassador of Canada website at to learn more about what this organization does and to learn how you can get involved. Below are a few links to guide you:

  • Donate:  Did you know that a $25 donation can provide 5 people with clean water.  Any one time donation amount has an impact.  Please follow the link to make a donation:   
  • The H20 Project:  In 2001, a group in the United States launched the H20 project to raise awareness and monies for the global water crisis.  The idea is to set aside your usual beverage purchases such as coffee and lattes, sodas, juices, and any other drinks you ordinarily consume for two weeks and replace these drinks with water. Calculate your savings over these two weeks and send that amount to a charity whose objectives include providing clean water to communities in need (please consider WAC) – Challenge your family and friends to do the same!  If you cannot commit to two weeks, challenge everyone at your place of work to go without their favorite beverage even for a shorter period of time!  You may be surprised how quickly this can add up.  Ever bit makes a difference.
  • Support A Team: WAC send teams on short-term water mission trips every year, primarily in the Caribbean and Central America.  Follow the link to find out more about upcoming trips and  to find out several different ways you can get involved.

As referenced above, providing clean water to villages is the most effective way to relieve poverty.   I encourage you to follow the links above to help the Water Ambassadors of Canada, or WE organization or another organization in your community contribute to this objective!  WE can make a difference together!


  • Only .007% of water on earth is available for drinking.
  • ~1.1 billion people (~1/6th of the world’s population) lack access to clean water.
  • ~2.4 billion people (~40% of the world’s population) lack adequate sanitation (toilets).
  • 80% of illnesses in developing countries are linked to poor water and sanitation.
  • ~1.5 billion people suffer from illness due to water-borne parasites such as worms, protozoa and bacteria. 
  • ~6000 children die every day from the illness caused by water-borne diseases
  • ~600,000  children annually die from illness like diarrhea resulting from unclean water
  • The lack of clean water can retard the growth of a child by up to 15%.
  • 30,000 people die every day because they have to drink bad water. The horrible Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 resulted in 300,000 deaths. 
  • ~ 50% of all the hospital beds around the world are occupied by patients suffering from water-borne disease.
  • 80% of all disease and sickness in the world is caused by inadequate water supply or inadequate sanitation.
  • In the developing countries women and children walk an average of 4 miles (6 km) daily to get water (which is often contaminated) and then must carry a 40 lb container of water once full.   This trek is not only enduring but is time consuming,  preventing attendance at school or work and the trek can result in spinal deformities and expose women to assault.

Come join me on October 21st for the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  

Join me –

Date: Sunday October 21st, 2018
Start time: 8:00 a.m.



Hello everyone!

I am writing a blog post about some recent projects I have been working on! I have done two photoshoots recently and I am so excited to talk about them, and share some results!

At the very end of August I had the privilege to model for “Hush Collection,” for the 2019 magazine! Hush is a Winnipeg custom bridesmaid dress boutique located in the heart of Osborne. It was so much fun shooting with these lovely ladies, I got to try on so many of the new 2019 dresses! Huge thank you to my agency, Panache for this placement I love you guys so much. I absolutely loved the team I worked with! I can not wait for you all to see the look book in January! These ladies are so talented, and fun to work with. So much talent from the makeup artists, hair, to the photographer, and stylists. We had the photoshoot in one of my hometowns most famous spots…Assiniboine Park (if you ever find yourself in Winnipeg you MUST visit Assiniboine Park, known for beautiful gardens, entertainment, the zoo and more.) I can not wait for the Magazine to come out! Stay tuned!


Another project I have recently done was a creative shoot with Imaginary Friends Creative! It was so much fun and we got some great pictures to add to my modelling portfolio! This team is very talented from makeup by Looques to creativity and photography. We had a blast,  I can not wait to share these pictures with everyone. We did some pictures with sponsored Miss Teenage Canada items! As well as modelling in a Johnathan Kayne, from Bells and Bows! Of course, we got some pictures in the sash and crown! Follow my instagram to see results from these projects, as well as upcoming and current projects! @katejessie7 @missteenagecanada2018 

Here are some sneak peeks from the shoot! Stay tuned for the final images.


Xoxo- Kate