Time Fly’s too Fast!!

Hello Everyone!

This week was the start of Semester 2! Finals went very well and I am so happy that they are over! In Math A30 my overall mark was 96%, in Psychology 30, 97%, in Creative Writing 95% and in Chemistry 20, 93%! This semester I am taking Math B30, Native Studies  30, English 20 and Physics 30! So far, I'm loving them all!

I have been super busy in the last few weeks with choreogrphing our musical "Curtains." Opening night is this coming week, so stay posted to check out photos and maybe a few videos! Everyone is looking great and I think the audience will be impressed.

Not next week but the week following is the Saskatchewan Winter Games and it is in Moose Jaw! I am an ambassador! I get to lead in teams for the Opening Ceremonies along with other ambassadors from the community and I get to tour people around Moose Jaw. Unfortunately I will miss the Closing Ceremonies because I am going to Kelowna for Miss Teen BC!! Woohoo I can't wait to meet all of the girls! Will you be there?

Siera Bearchell

My Sask Games Shirt and Volunteer Pass!

Lately I have been trying to find unique ways to get involved in the community. Do you have any neat ideas?

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back soon!






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