An Average Day!

Today was a pretty average day consisting of school and a few other extra curricular activities. In my first period A30 Math Class we found out what we recieved on our Quadratic Functions and Inverse Variation test. Luckily I was not disappointed with a 100%! I studied hard and long for the test since it was on a lot of graphing and problem solving and it seemed to have paid off. As dorky as it may sound, math is one of my favourite subjects. I love being able to work with numbers and equations and it has always been a subject that I excel in. This semester I also have an AWESOME teacher, Mrs.Amy Woloschuk! She is super organized and makes math very understandable and is willing to help with any question! Hopefully she will be my math teacher for my senior year, fingers crossed!

My brother has been super sick with a fever, aches, sore throat and the list goes on! The doctor said it looks like it could be H1N1 but the results could take weeks to show otherwise. For now, he is on an anti-flu medication. Has anyone got the H1N1 vaccine? Does it really have any negative side effects? I have a cold at the moment and I sure hope it doesn't turn into what he has. Get well soon Leighton!

Tonight I am going to the YMCA to work out for a bit then play some Racquetball! Oh Yah! I will let you know how that goes since I am not too experienced. After, I am hoping to cruise on over to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa and go for a relaxing swim, then maybe watch a few home videos! I also have some Chem homework to do… what fun indeed.

Check out my blog tomorrow evening to read about PINK Day!


Have a great rest of the day and Get Well to all of those who are sick!


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