23rd Annual Crystal Ball

Many of us go to camp each year and have no problem scouring the trees, diving into the lakes and running through the forests. There are thousands of children and youth with developmental and physical disabilties who don't always have this opportunity. Reach for the Rainbow is a non-profit organization that integrates youth with disabilities into the mainstream of society through summer camps throughout Ontario. The Reach for the Rainbow programs provide environments of inclusion for kids and accomodate one on one care for every child.

Siera Bearchell

RFTR hosted its 23rd Anniversary Crystal Ball at the Toronto Congress Centre complete with a V.I.P. Reception, fine dining, a computerized Silent Auction, a Balloon Bust, a fantastic Live Auction, and a live performance by Mary Wilson of the Supremes. I was so fortunate to attend this event while also modelling jewellery by Gregg Ruth for the first Live Auction. I wore a gown designed by Cindy Renée Mathieu the designer of Sodaliscious. This dress was unlike anything I have ever worn before and it definitely got some looks, hopefully all positive HGH ones!

I met some fabulous people and chatted with a few familiar faces. Lorraine Zander, Editor in Chief of Faze Magazine was their wearing a gorgeous flame blown La Perlerie necklace. She had some great things to say and gave us a few insiders about the new issue of Faze magazine coming out! You will have to check it out.

Siera Bearchell

I really had a great time at the Crystal Ball and I got to speak with kids who had gone to the camps and all of them said the camps helped change their lives. This was such a great thing to hear and I think anyone who went and talked to any of the youth, would already be on the waiting list for next year's Crystal Ball.

 The decorations were exquisite, the food was delectable and the cause was incredible. I encourage you to check out Reach for the Rainbow and see what you can do to help.



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