Academic Awards Ceremony!

For those who know me well, they know that I love to do well in school! Today is Friday, November 13th and it is the day of the Academic Awards Ceremony! The ceremony recognizes students who have achieved high grades in their classes for the 2008/2009 school year. Last year I was greatly honoured by being recognized for my high Math average and this year I would achieve very great and very different awards.

The first certificate I received was the High Honour Role Certificate which states that for the 2008/2009 school year I maintained an average of just over 94%.
Siera Bearchell
My award after the Honour Role was the SGA Honours English Language Arts 10 award. This award made me quite happy because one of my english teachers was a tricky marker and the tests in that class could be beyond tough, especially when it came to Macbeth and Of Mice and Men!

The next award I received actually shocked me in some sort of way. This was the Supreme Basics Information Processing 10 award. This award thrilled me because the class was all on the computer and I have never had naturally fast typing skills or known how to use all of the high tech programs. It took me a lot of practice but it definitely paid off in the end!

The final award I accepted was Athlete of the Month for the month of September. September is when all of the Golf tournaments take place and I guess even if you are a golfer, that still takes some athletic ability! This year I am striving to keep my marks high even when I am away from school.
Siera Bearchell
My mom and dad attended the Ceremony to cheer me on while accepting my awards and that meant a lot to me to have them there. Hopefully next year I will be accepting other endowments… Well, time to get back to studying!

Let me know what kind of awards you have received!


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