Siera Bearchell, Miss Teen Canada – World 2009

Siera Bearchell, the 2009 Miss Teen Canada- World

Hello, my name is Siera Bearchell, Miss Teen Canada- World 2009

I'd like to officially welcome you to the Miss Teen Canada- World Blog.

So hang out, relax and keep reading because this is where I'll be leaving the precious details on what actually happens to that girl who becomes Miss Teen Canada – World.

This is where I'll be writing about my travels and adventures all across Canada and I'll try and give you guys the straight goods and describe stuff that's not overly cliche.

The charcters in my life will also appear here just as they are, my family, friends and new people I meet in my travels.

I like to play Golf and so I wil proabably review some golf courses here,  so look out for that!

I like to go shopping with my mom so that's good news right?

I also love to dance, act, run, travel and make the most out of every experience, why not?

All last spring and summer, as Miss Teen Saskatchewan- World 2009, I kept an OnSugar Blog where I wrote an account of the fire that destroyed my family home in February 2009. That story is worth a read  because it segues nicely into my Disaster Relief platform and is really what motivated me to get to where I am today.  This is who I am, please get to know me and leave comments so I can get to know you. too!

Follow me on my own Twiiter account,  @TeenCanadaWorld

You can find pictures with anecdotes on Siera Bearchell's Flickr photostream

 As much as I love to go to fancy restaurants, meet celebrities and travel across the world, I am still a 16 year old grade 11 student who just loves hanging out. Keep reading my blog to find out what I'm doing day to day, whether it be traveling to Toronto for an event or sharing an interesting story about my school life. I want to share with you guys the real Siera and how I got to where I am today.




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