Preparation Week


Tuesday, August 18th

Wow!   I am back in Toronto and so happy to be here!  I arrived yesterday and am going from here straight to Houston for the Miss Teen World Pageant on Monday, August 24th.

Free The Children WelcomeToday was such a great day and I met people who truly are changing the world! This morning I attending Free the Children and Me to We meetings where we talked about my partnership with their organizations.

Free the Children is so amazing because it is the world's largest network of children helping children though education, founded in 1995 by international children right's activist Craig Kielburger. To date, Free The Children has built over 500 schools and provides quality primary education to over 50,000 students everyday. The organization has won the Children's Nobel Prize, the Human Rights Award and formed successful partnerships with leading school boards across North America and organizations such as Oprah's Angel Network. The coolest part about Free The Children is that over 60% of all donations and funds donated are raised by youth. That is absolutely incredible and that is what I want to promote during my year is that youth really do have the oppurtunity to 'Be the Change." 

Me to We is the social enterprise designed to help support the work of Free the Children. Half of it's annual profits are given to Free The Children. Through Me to We, I also get to design my very own shirt that will be sold on the Me to We Responsible Style website.

I will keep you updated on when it is released so you can have your very own. I think they will look pretty cool.=)

In May I am going on a Me to We trip where I get to build a Free the Children project, a school and learn about different cultures around the world. They gave me the choices of going to either China, India, Kenya, Ecuador or Mexico-Arizona. Every trip has it's own unique things to do that make them all amazing, I want to go on all of the trips to be truthful!  But, I still cannot decide! Where would you go?

Wednesday, August 19th

Today I got to pick up my evening gown for the Miss Teen World competition
from Canadian designer Wayne Clark. Wayne Clark is one of the most amazing persons I have ever met. He is so genuinely nice and he sews all of his dresses by hand. That means he has sewn THOUSANDS of dresses. His designs are incredible and he really has an eye for fashion.

While I was there I tried on a little navy cocktail dress that he had as a sample, it was adorable! Wayne told me he would make me my own if I won the title of Miss Teen World. Haha, what a guy he is.

Next stop, meeting with Rob Campbell for some social media training and great conversation on the Miss Teen Canada Pageant. I don't know if I was Rob's number one choice for the next Miss Teenage Canada, but I still think he is a great guy who is an outstanding blogger.

Proudly shining in my ears at this moment are my new 1k diamond earrings from Fantasy Gemart worth $5,000. I never want to take them out and I could not thank them enough for this wonderful prize that I will have for my whole life!

For the rest of the day Michelle Weswaldi and I went shopping for shoes and my interview outfit. I tried on so much stuff that everything started looking the same! We ended up leaving the mall with absolutely nothing but messy hair!

 Thursday, August 20th

Time for some improved hair at
Studio 600 Salon in downtown Toronto! Roger the hair specialist shared stories about cockroaches and cats with me during my appointment. He sure knows how to make you laugh!

Now feeling fabulous with my new hair it was time to start getting ready for my CP 24 Interview. Even though the weather was horrible and there was tornado warnings, that did not stop us from getting to downtown Toronto.

After arriving at the studio we realized the weather was a lot worse then we thought. Tornados had actually touched down and caused some horrible damage. There were many homes that had been hit by lightning and trees were fallen all around Toronto and area. Since CP 24 is a Toronto news channel the breaking news weather was a lot more important then Miss Teen Canada at the time!

I will get to do that interview at the beginning of November, so I will blog for the confirmed time so all can tune in!

Friday, August 21st

So, many people dream about meeting celebrities like Brad Pitt or Miley Cyrus, but me, I have always wanted to meet TV personality Rick Campanelli. Today was the day that dream would come true!

Today at the CNE Grounds in Toronto at the EX I got to spend the day with Rick Campanelli while we filmed an interview for ET Canada.

We took photos, went on rides, signed autographs and ate candy apples. While going on the ride 'Polar Express' that goes extremly fast backwards we could not help but laugh the entire time as a squished Rick into the corner of the seat. It was a very good decision that they made me take off my crown to go on the ride because it would have flown off to potentially injure someone and then probably shatter as it hit the ground.

Our day came to and end with a cheer to candy apples and more laughs. Rick has a great personalitly and he is extremely funny, I am so happy I finally got to meet him, it was a day I will never forget.


Have you ever heard the term 'Make your Mark?' Well my next adventure was back to the Free the Children office where I met with the Me to We team to start promoting a national contest called Challenge Your Style. This contest is to get youth from across Canada to sell Me to We Organic t-shirts to raise money for a charity of their choice. The school who raises the most money in the end will win $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. I was ecstatic when I learned I was the spokesperson for Challenge Your Style Competition.

While I was at Free the Children I did a photo and video shoot to promote the Challenge Your Style Competiton. I also get to go the winning school and present them with their prize! How cool is that? This is a great oppurtunity for youth to get involved and have fun fundraising by doing all sorts of things from car washes to T-shirt parties. Kudos to those who are getting involved and for those who aren't, I know you can do it so get out there and make your mark!

Saturday, August 22nd

Today was more of a relaxing day
. I got to talk to all of my family which was so nice and I watched the Miss Teen Canada Pageant! All of the girls looked great on stage and I still got all tense when they announced the top 5 and who the winner was! I don't think that feeling will ever sink in.

For dinner I had Swiss Chalet for the first time ever! I have eaten a lot more then I probably should be going into a pageant but I just love food too much to give any up.

Sunday August 23rd

Last minute preparations occured all day. Michelle and I spent about four hours looking for my interview outfit and finally found the perfect one at BCBG Max Azria. It is black and white and slim fitting with little rose buds by the neck. I feel very professional in it. =) To go along with the outfit we found some great candy apple red heels, red hoops and black bangles.

After being a couple of hours late for choreographer Sean Cuffie we got started on my walking training. Sean is the Miss J of Canada and he knows how to walk better then anyone. He had some great tips to share with me. 

When I watched the pageant video I realized that I swing my arms far too much when I walk so that was the first thing we started working on. While I was at the DLM Studio I also tried on my national costume for the Miss Teen World Pageant.  It is the perfect definition of Canadian Show girl with feathers, gems and all. I cannot wait to show it off in Houston.

My excitement is growing every minute for Houston. The only thing left for me to do it pack! This turns out to be harder then I hoped but in the end I managed to pick out the perfect amount of clothing and accessories. Houston, here I come!



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