My Year as Miss Teenage Canada

This past year has been amazing!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to my experience; it truly has been incredible. 

Most importantly, thanks to Michelle Weswaldi for running such a great organization.  Also, thanks to Darleen and Ryan Weswaldi for your never ending help and support.  

Thanks to Deb, Ellen, Chris and everyone at DKPR and Encourse for making the year run smoothly.
Thanks to Freda and the wonderful women that work at Freda’s Clothing store for dressing me in beautiful clothes all year. 

Thanks to Gaspar Cruz for running the Miss Teen World pageant, I will never forget my week in Houston. 
Thanks to all the girls I’ve met for being so friendly, I look forward to staying in touch with you all.     

Thanks to my hockey coach and professors at York, for being understanding and flexible.

Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me.
Thank you to all of the sponsors for making my year even more exciting.

Lastly, congratulations to Siera Bearchell and good luck competing at Miss Teen World in August.  You’ll do great!

It has been such an honour being Miss Teenage Canada 2008.

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