Happy Halloween!

Congratulations to all that participated in Halloween for Hunger!!!
I know there was tons of youth and adults here in Saskatchewan who went trick or treating for our local food banks and collected thousand of pounds of food. I helped in donating perishable food items and sharing the the importance of keeping our food banks full. Thank you to all who participated, you have made a difference!
Even though I am in grade eleven and dressing up may seem a little bit  juvenile, this does not get in the way of my Halloween spirit and excitement for wearing a costume on Halloween. Friday, October 30th wasn't exactly the Halloween date, but you would have never thought twice when entering A.E. Peacock Collegiate! Students from grades nine through twelve dressed up as witches, zombies, fairies and goblins to show off their Halloween spirit. The Student Centre was darkened by covered windows and skeletons hung creepily from invisible wires. Bright yellow caution tape scoured the walls and the famous catwalk took the centre of the room. Tables were pushed off to the sides in neat rows and eyes were drawn the centre of the room where the red stage grabbed all attention.
At lunch the Halloween Bash was scheduled to take place and excitement spread across the school's classrooms like wildfire. The same second the bell rang to dismiss us to lunch, Michael Jackson's Thriller semenax in australia began pumping through the speakers. I took the stage with my friends Morgan and Alexandra as we showed off our costumes in the Halloween Fashion Show. Morgan was dressed as a cheetah, Alex a black cat and me… Well a Greek Goddess I guess you might say! We cheered on dancers in the dance off and screamed for the mummy contest! The Halloween Bash was a blast and I even won best female costume! I guess we are never too old to do the fun stuff.;)

Miss Teenage Canada
On the night of Halloween I handed out candy to kids who had unreal outfits! One little boy was dress like a panda and even showed off some of his Kung-Foo Panda moves, it was hilariously cute! I even found a little time to make it out to a Halloween Party where all of my friends were laughing and taking pictures. I had a great time socializing and sharing stories from past Halloween events.

Siera Bearchell
There was no doubt in my mind that Halloween could be one of the most fun days of the year! You can dress up in something outrageous, eat loads of candy and chocolate and spend time with some of the greatest people you know!

I hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Halloween!

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