City and District Golf Championships


On September 14th, the Moose Jaw High School City Golf Tournament took place. I was unsure about playing since this summer, as I have had no time to play. This was my third year in the tournament, and this year I was excited for a new student golfer to dominate.

Siera Golf Swing

Although I have not played golf this year, I decided I would still give it a shot. 

In the previous two years I placed 1st and won the title of City Champ and this year I happily came in 2nd to one of my teamates Ciara Spratt. My younger brother Leighton came in a well deserved 1st and was named Boys City Champ! In order to move on to districts, you must place in the top three boys, top three girls or your team must come in first place.Along with our individual placing, the Peacock team was successful. We ended up coming in 1st place as a team and that meant we were all moving on to the District Championship.


The High School District Championship was held at the Coronach Golf Club on September 19th. "The Peacock team was beaming with pride in their green and orange."

After a rusty start on the driving range, my nerves began to tingle. Even with my lack of golf play, I could still feel my competive thinking roll on in. Last year at Districts in Avonlea, I finished 2nd, would I be able to top that this year? As I looked over at my brother, I could see he was in the zone and ready to play. After a good luck group hug and a little gift from Leighton, we were off.

Travelling far and straight down the fairway, my new TaylorMade golf ball seemed to already show the good luck Leighton marked it with. The record breaking weather was enough to put me in a good mood and now that my game was off to a good start, I had a little extra bounce in my step.

After 9 holes, I got a short up-date that Leighton was in the lead and as for me, I wasn't so sure but I was best not to know. I continued on enjoying the day and having fun with the girls I was playing with.

Leighton Golfing

For not playing all summer, I finished pretty darn good. I won the girls side by 6 strokes, meaning I was the new District Champion! Behind me in 2nd place was teamate Ciara Spratt.

On the boys' side, my brother Leighton also did well and won with a 73. Both Bearchells took 1st place! Unfortunately our team finished second only one stroke kept us from tying for first place. Like cities, the top three boys, top three girls and the top team would now move on to provincials.

Leighton and Siera Golfing

Provincials  September 24-26

Due to prior obligations, I was unable to attend provincials in Weyburn, which was a bit disappointing. I was still cheering for the little bro Leighton who was off to compete in his first provincial tournament. Go Leighton!

Out of the hundreds of kids competing in provincials there was only two grade nine students; one was Leighton.

He said he didn't play his best and had some bad holes but he ended up coming in 7th which is not bad for a 90lb 14 year old! 

Leighton's new goal is winning the next three years in a row.. haha we will see if that happens I guess!

Overall I was proud of my brother and happy that with no practice at all, I still tried and gave the tournaments a shot.

All you can do is go out there and try your best and not give up.






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