See Your Future

Today I went to the See Your Future- Education and Career Fair in Regina! See Your Future is basically a fair full of information on Universities in Canada. Students can ask questions, learn about the different schools and what they have to offer, obtain information about scholarships and help shape the future they want to pursue.

Siera Bearchell at See Your Future

The one hour bus ride to Regina was not so bad and the information I received was definitely worth it! I still have one year of high school left but I thought it would be kind of cool to have an idea of where I would like to attend for post secondary. There are so many unique and interesting things about all of the Universities but I still have two favourites and one in particular. I love the city of Toronto and I think it has a lot to offer and the University is one of the best in Canada. Although my dream university that, for some reason I have always wanted to attend is… University of British Columbia. Today I learned so many great things about the campus and I even discovered that there is a UBC Okanagan. UBC Okanagan is a bit more secluded and private than the Vancouver location but still offers many of the same classes. Even though I have only been to British Columbia once, it takes my breath away! I LOVE the landscape, the food is incredible and the shopping is an awesome bonus. I think I would surely like living in BC. Now I am flustered with choices and decisions but I still have a year to decide and many more universities to look at. Who knows, I may find a new favourite along the way! See Your Future really did help me in getting some idea about where I might want to attend.

Siera Bearchell at See Your Future

After arriving home from Regina I dashed to my dentist appointment where I got an A plus for my teeth keeping! 🙂 Now I am off to cheer on my little brother at his hockey game.


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