All I See is Snow!

 If you are not in Saskatchewan right now, you are in luck this weekend! On Saturday we got 9 cm of snow! It has not stopped snowing since. It snowed all last night and all today, now we have about 25 more cm that is causing a lot of problems! 

Siera Bearchell

Cars have been blocked in because of all the snow!

I woke up yesterday to take my doggie Belle for a walk, and when I stepped outside I was blinded! EVERYTHING was white! I could hardly even believe it, and  my poor pup was trying to leap over the drifts and mounds of snow while I had to lift my knees up to my bellybutton. Once I took her back inside, I geared up and went out to shovel. I moved my moms and my vehicle so I could shovel the driveway. My mom's car was stuck so I had to shovel it out and mine wasn't much easier. It took be about an hour and a half to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. It was hard work but I felt satisfied.

I spent most of my day at the library studying and then  my dad took us to the Mad Greek for dinner! Mmmm I love their Spanokapita and Greek Ribs. Delicious!

My brother went to a friends house and my dad had to go to work, so I decided I would shovel for my dad as well. This time I listened to my iPod so Lady GaGa's Fame Monster kept me going so it was great! I shoveled the front, the back and even the neighbour's sidewalk! I decided I would shovel in the back alley too so my dad could get in to his spot easily and not get stuck. 

Well, this morning I woke up with an awfully sore back and when I glanced out my window, there was even MORE snow than yesterday!! All I could think was that I cleared the sidewalk for some people for a short time and I got a good workout! 

Siera Bearchell

This is the High Park Towers building across from our house. That giant snow bank was over 5 feet high and blocked the entire doorway and the man is working to shovel it out!

Siera Bearchell

Backyard snow drifts!

Many highways have been closed and even driving in the city has almost zero visibility! Wherever you are, drive safe!!

Did you all watch Hope For Haiti on TV the other night?? I didn't get to watch the whole thing but what I did see was awesome! On the same sort of note, today is the 24th and Lady GaGa has a Monster Ball in New York today where she will donate ALL of the proceeds directly to help those in Haiti. She is also donating all money that is made on merchandise from her website! So, hook yourself up with some Heartbeat headphones or The Fame Monster CD while helping Haiti!!! Check it out!




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