Dropping the Puck at the Moose Jaw Warrior Game

I have been a fan of the Moose Jaw Warriors since I was little! I always remembered watching the ceremonial pucks drops and wondering how those people felt being so close to the players and receiving a standing ovation from dropping a black puck onto the ice. Well today I was about to find out.

Siera Bearchell

Today is Friday, November 6th, 2009 and I am about to drop the puck at the Warrior Game in front of thousands of people. Moose Jaw is a small city, but it has A LOT of spirit for it's sports teams; especially hockey. Previous to today I stopped in at Brighter Image Studios with the Warrior staff and snapped some photos in my brand new Warrior jersey and my sash. (They even let me keep the jersey!) Our goal was to get a good picture that I could sign at the game in between periods and collect donations for one of the greatest charities of all time...FREE THE CHILDREN!

We printed hundreds of pictures and Wal-Mart was kind enough to donate ALL of the prints and charge us nothing! It really is incredible to witness how much people are willing to help out when they know they will be helping in making a difference.

Siera Bearchell

I walked out onto the ice taking very small steps in order not to fall over my Michael Kors heels. When I reached to end of the red carpet my chest filled with such pride as I glanced around the rink. Flashing cameras, smiling faces and cheering voices surrounded me. I looked up at the two captains, and dropped the puck! I must say it was no professional drop and the MJ Warrior captain, the Medicine Hat Tiger Captain and I kind of cracked up. I waved one last time, shook the hands of both players and I advanced off the ice with a big smile spread across my face.

Siera Bearchell

In between periods I signed hundreds of photos snapped pictures and spoke with people of the community who congratulated me numerous times and thanked me for attending the game. I was more than happy to be there and so proud to be supporting the wonderful city of Moose Jaw.

Siera Bearchell

I know next time I make it to a Warrior game and I am sitting in the stands and there is a ceremonial puck drop, I will stand and cheer for that courageous person who achieved something great in the community and feel proud of the city in which I live!

Check out the short story on the MJ Warrior website!


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