Visiting Jeanne Lottie at the Pink House

Jeanne Lottie is one of Miss Teen Canada's sponsors! Jane Ip is the designer of the fabulous purses and jewelery. Jane is such a sweet lady and has a great fashion sense and isn't afraid of bright colours and wild prints.

 Jane believes in the philosophy of True Happiness and how she described it as (Jun Lok Tai, the Chinese term) is the companies philosophy and you can tell by the companies 'Pink House,' where the main office is located. Jane loves pink and it shows in her designs, the decor in the office and to make a big pink impression, the Jeanne Lottie Office is all done in PINK. It is hard to miss!

Siera Bearchell

 I was introduced to Jane's pomeranian puppy, Little Dog who was a real charmer! Little Dog didn't want us to leave when it was time to leave and wouldn't even leave my lap when I tried to get up from the cheetah love seat! Too bad I couldn't take Little Dog home with me.

 Jane gave me 6 great Jeanne Lottie designed handbags and a tote designed by the children of the SickKids Hospital. Jane even asked if I would design a bag with her in the fall, how exciting! Hopefully we can sell it and raise money for Free The Children or another worthy cause! Check out her bags and maybe even pick one up yourself!

Siera Bearchell

Keep checking my blog to read up on my next event, Johnathan Kayne comes to Canada!!



 Who is your favourite celebrity role model? Rihanna? Taylor Swift? Miley Cryrus?

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