Bells and Bows and Johnathan Kayne

   Johnathan Kayne is a gown and dress shoe designer and last weekend was his first time to visit Canada. Kayne designs gorgeous prom, pageant, grad and red carpet gowns that are sure to turn heads wherever they are worn. He made it all the way into the top 5 on the hit TV show Project Runway in Season 3 and was voted off before the final episode. Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie is an award winning designer and I had the opportunity to meet him in Lethbridge, Alberta.
     Bells and Bows Bridal Centre is located in Lethbridge, Alberta and is one of the nicest dress shops in Canada! They put on a fashion show, showing only Johnathan Kayne designs and I was invited to model and make a speech at the Lethridge College. My mom, grandma and I drove to Lethbridge for the event and Michelle (executive director MTC-W) flew all the way from Toronto to be there.
    The first stop was to the Lethbridge College where Kayne talked about his journey to becoming the designer he is today and I spoke on the topic of "Dare to Dream." and how I have made to becoming Miss Teen Canada. 🙂 Maybe I will post my speech and you can read it and let me know what you think. 
Siera Bearchell

     The next day was full of walking on high heels and wearing fabulous gowns. In the the morning I headed over to Bells and Bows in the Blue Lights Limo that drove us around all weekend and got my hair and make-up done and then looked over the dresses I would be wearing for the shows. One of my gowns had a sparkly bra top, a purple sheer skirt with a purple fading into orange and fushia under skirt. It was BEAUTIFUL and I wish I could have kept it! Every dress was unique pokies online free and had a special story behind it. I couldn't wait to put them on!

Siera Bearchell

    We did two fashion shows at Bells and Bows and then went over to Henotic which is a really interesting restaurant that was the old fire hall. We had a glamourous show there and had a great crowd to cheer us on. Near the end of the show, Kayne presented me with this elegant bouqet of flowers and announced that he would be designing me my own custom gown!!! I was so excited and cannot wait to see what it will look like! Maybe like that purple one that I adore! We will have to wait and see.

    The night ended with an after party in the V.I.P. area where there was shrimp, cheese and all sorts of foods with unique twists. I said goodbye to Johnathan Kayne and thanked him for the future gown! I hope I will run into him again one day soon…

Siera Bearchell

     Sunday morning my mom, grandma and I went over to Bells and Bows where Angeline the owner of the store gave me this lovely cobalt blue gown that is sprinkled with silver sequins and swavorski crystals. To go along with the dress, Angeline also gave this stunning necklace and earrings set! I was so thankful for what she was doing for me and I probably thanked her one hundred times before leaving the store! So one more time, thank you so much Angeline and Bells and Bows for being a National Sponsor!!:)

  On our drive home, I was thinking about how great the weekend really was. I made a speech that I was proud of, met some great girls who were models in the show, met Johnathan Kayne who is an outstanding designer, got to be part of a fantastic event and I got to share all of it with my mom and grandma! What better of a weekend could someone ask for!? 🙂



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