Fashion Show at Freda’s

On Thursday April 30th 2009,  I arrived at Freda’s at 86 Bathurst St in downtown Toronto about 4:00pm and met with (Paullina & Elaine) who were organizing the eveining's fashion show.  I tried on the clothes I was going to be modelling to make sure everything fit just right and then met with Terri Michaels, the designer of the jewelry I was going to be wearing during the show.

Katie Starke, Miss Teenage Canada 2009With each outfit I wore a custom made bracelet and necklace and I would have worn earrings too, if my ears were pierced. Terri's jewelry is absolutely beautiful!

Freda’s is the official sponsor of my wardrobe as Miss Teen Canada so it was a lot of fun modeling their clothes! I had a total of 8 outfits – the most changes of all the models and as you can imagine, it got pretty hectic backstage sometimes trying to change outfits so fast!

I was a little nervous at first, but all the other models there were really nice, and it was great to meet them, hopefully we’ll all meet again doing another show at Freda’s! 
Out of all the outfits I liked the first casual outfit, the strapless green/blue/yellow dress and the green finale gown the best, but of course each outfit was stunning!

It’s hard to say what my favourite piece of jewelry would be; I loved them all, but one bracelet that stuck in my mind was the silver plated oval bangle with cz diamonds on it.  Right now I’m a big fan of pretty silver jewelry!

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