The Beginning of the End

Grad with matt

My amazing Grad Date Matthew

Like a lot of people my age, we are saying goodbye to everything we have known for the last twelve years of our lives and starting a new chapter. Even though this is sparking great excitement, moving on is never easy.

Grad 2016

High school was the best three of my life. I remember   shaking my head and whenever someone would tell me that three years go by faster than you would ever imagine and most definitely forgot to appreciate a lot of the little things as they passed me by.Upon winning the title of miss teenage Canada 2015 I made a promise to myself to keep a high academic standing and i’m proud to have kept that promise in more. On june 30 I graduated with an over 90% GPA.  I came to realize how good I really did have it all and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.  From all the charity work  I was fortunate enough to be apart of, to the amazing teachers who took the time to truly get to know me and guided me in my success, to making it to provincials with my rugby team. High school could not have been any more perfect for me

Most Memorable high school experience??

In October  2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to help aid and compete in a competition charity event with all proceeds going to my charity of choice  Suicide Information and Education Services.  Sharing  a  joined love of food and marking with the amazing food teacher jeff larouge, Food truck wars was born. Students made teams and were tasked to make a menu, do research what is involved in running a business, pricing, kitchen testing and product sampling and more. Over 2 months of work came down to october 9th were we faced off the other team in a healthy competition to see who could sell the most food in only 60 short minutes. Not only was there great food but the suicide information and education services came down to spread the importance on education about this subject. Food Truck wars was a HUge success raising over 5000 dollars in such a short time frame. I am very proud that my team “street classics” won this event with our amazing menu of the extreme cookie ( reese’s pieces, cookie dough  and brownie all in one), Deep fried calamari with banana peppers, chips, and spring rolls. All home made. Here is a little look behind the scenes that was featured on shaw news( Can you spot me??)

Team Street Classics


In September I will be moving onto an amazing new chapter. I will be attending Red Deer College In collaboration with the University of Alberta Bachelor of science program which will be my first step towards achieving my dream of going to med school.  I am very excited to be playing on the first ever Red Deer college women’s rugby team.


Thinking Positively

Sarah Wojcik- Miss Teenage Canada 2015

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