MTC goes to the salon… Ikon Salon!

Hello Pageant People!

Next stop on the way to #teenuniverse is a trip to the salon, Ikon Salon, that is. I’ve been going to this salon religiously since I moved to Toronto because these guys are amazing. The owner, Dom, really makes sure you’re taken care of and feel in a positive friendly environment. He does this most by hiring some of the coolest people from around the world. I love going in and learning Arminian from Lucia or practising French with Anna. It’s always such a fun time.

To top it off they have their own amazing line of products that they sell. Dom uses the best ingredients (list) I’ll be bringing these babies with me to #teenuniverse.
Thanks Ikon! Totally bringing these products with me around the world! Make sure to check them out here next time you’re in Toronto!

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Mucho Love

Samantha Pierre

Miss Teenage Canada 2016


p.s. I am now on the Miss Teen Universe site and app so make sure to check it out and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Check me out on their Facebook

Check me out on their Facebook

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