Here we go! Miss Teenage Canada 2016, Samantha

Hey girl hey #Kendyl,

Wow, I never thought I would be blogging here. I still have moments where I ask myself if that all really happened. I had already written a blog post earlier this week, however all  about the final night and something seemed off. Then I read a beautiful post by the amazing Miss Teenage South Central Ontario, Bella. She had written “To be successful, is to be happy. There is no materialistic reward that can define success, but rather if you are happy with what you are

Loved having this beauty stay with me after the provincial pageant. Bella, you will forever have a special place in my heart.

Loved having this beauty stay with me after the provincial pageant. Bella, you will forever have a special place in my heart.

doing, you are successful.” What a beautifully spoken woman. I admire you so much Bella and I wish you all of the luck in the world with all future endeavours.

I agree, you see, that the greatest crown I won this past week were the friendships I made, the stories I heard and the memories that were created. So rather than tell you how I felt about winning (which of course bring to mind things like amazing, unbelievable, life changing etc.) I would much rather tell you about the true winning moments of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant.

Sunday we arrived, I was very early so I ended up playing “heads up” with some of the girls from Saskatchewan including. his game would later go on to be our pageant game that we played at breakfast, on the bus, when we were waiting in line, etc. As everyone arrived there were some great moments. One of the highlights was Lacy, Miss Teenage Brantford in laughing tears with the only explanation being that she ‘liked her mom.” Lacy, you bring so much energy and passion into a room the moment you walk in. Some of the girls were so mature, like Kara, Miss Teenage Eastern Manitoba. At only 14 years old this girl travelled across the country! At 14 years old I was still going through my “neon phase”. Some girls walked in and just commanded the whole room, like Ranielle Miss Teenage Scarborough. Girl, you have the best and sassiest walk I’ve ever seen!

Getting our room assignments was great! Michelle did an amazing job with pairing us up. Shout out my room mate Aneurin, Miss Teenage Saskatoon, for on our first night we started singing Breaking Free from High School Musical.

Getting to see all the behind the scenes of Nuvango was so cool! I loved getting to check out the production line for creating the clothes. Hannah, Miss Teenage Ontario , had an absolutely breathe taking moment as she spun in one of the skirts. And doing our own mini photoshoot with friends was just a blast.

Shopping at Square One  was a blast! (I mean of course, it’s shopping!) Flashback to all of the girls getting asked out and asked for their numbers while eating delicious sushi in the food court. Some of the girls had some really great witty responses too!

Meeting ex-Toronot Maple Leafs Player, Tiger Williams at theRoyal Ontario Golf Club courtesy of Bradlee Ryall Golfing academy

Meeting ex-Toronto Maple Leafs Player, Tiger Williams at theRoyal Ontario Golf Club courtesy of Bradlee Ryall Golfing academy

Golfing had to have been one of my favourite moments at Bradlee Ryall Golfing . I personally was at the Royal Ontario Golf Club. There we got to do many things including #ChippingWithJohn, #PuttingWithMario and #DrivingWithIan. My favourite part was during our #DrivingWithIan when I took a huge swing and sent a huge grass chunk flying in to the air. Olivia, Miss Teenage Vancouver Island was my partner and the

Meeting Darrel Stitller of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Meeting Darrel Stitller of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

two of us were thrown into a fit of laughter. There were some great moments from that day, especially meeting some ex-Toronto Maple Leafs players. My Pepe (grandpa) is huge fan, so I made sure to get a picture with the Maple Leafs players, however being from Ottawa myself I made sure to yell “Go Sens Go!” as I walked away. Thanks so much to Mikaela, Miss Teenage Langley Township for taking pictures and making sure I #Don’tPullAJudy.

Another great experience came during our archery adventure at Archers Arena. I loved getting to tap into my inner Katniss… Although when it comes to a bow and arrow I think I take after Peeta more. Some of the girls were phenomenal like Megan, Miss Teenage South Central Alberta. Make sure to check out the activities video to see Megan and I showing off our cool archery moves… only took us 4 times to get that take. 😉

The bus rides were always a blast, whether it was singing at the top of our lungs to the radio, playing “heads up” or even learning a new language. Yes that’s right, little Yulia, Miss Teenage Saskatoon District taught me how to say Hi, How are you and good in Ukranian! (Privite, Yak Sprave and Dobre… yeah I don’t think I spelt those correctly, considering I’m not even using the right alphabet)

Getting ready for the shows and events with everyone was so great, as each delegate was so willing to help each other. I never understood previously when girls spoke about the idea of having “pageant sisters”. However after participating in a pageant myself, I totally get it. You go through crazy stressful and tense situations and learn to lean on each other, support each other and love each other. You learn crazy things about each other in such a short time and bond through funny, embarrassing, disappointing and amazing experiences. Or you try and hook them up with your brother 😉 (Jodyn, Miss Teenage Brandon)

So to all of the girls at the pageant; I wish to say a very special thank to you all for your individual beautiful personalities. I also wish to extend my hand and say that if there is ever anything I can do of you please do not hesitate to ask me. I truly hope we all stay in touch!

And with that my first blog post is done! More still to come, including Boyfriends Does My Make-Up Challenge courtesy of MAC Makeup.


Mucho Love,


Miss Teenage Canada 2016


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