Day 4: Miss Teenage Canada 2014!

We were up a little less early and were off and running by 6am today where we headed to the Shaw Cable Studio to first off film our Global Toronto segment.

During the segment I was able to talk about my year as a title holder and the upcoming pageant. The host, Rosie and I then pulled names of the delegates from a bowl, the contestant chosen would then come up and pull a question that they would then have to answer on air, LIVE! Talk about pressure! All the girls answered very well, I was really impressed!

We had a short break before we film our next segment for Global NATIONAL! We had the same premise, just a shorter segment. I had a great time and it was a very cool experience!

You can view our segment here at:

10527600_316213775200843_3898629458970932969_nWe then headed to the CN Tower to check out the amazing view of Toronto! I found myself a lot less scared of the glass floor this time, I was pretty proud of myself! It was a lot of fun before because myself and the other girls had a lot of people asking for pictures from tourists and other people visiting the tower!

10356213_316214118534142_3298437777411317855_nThat evening we headed to the Eaton Shopping Centre for some shopping! We were all very excited to be wearing our new Hi-Tec Sandals so we could get some serious power shopping in. The Eaton Centre generously provided myself and all the girls with a $10 gift card so we could get some supper at the Urban Eatery! Overall it was a lot of fun!

10404876_316371345185086_8983601960990595059_n10502429_316371385185082_4982922631210017938_nTo view more pictures see my MISS TEENAGE CANADA album on my facebook page:

– Jillian, oxox

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