Day 5: Miss Teenage Canada 2014!

The girls had a long day spent practicing their walks and dances all morning. Then rehearsing with Shawn Cuffie, our choreographer from DLM Entertainment.

They finished of their day with an evening made for princesses. The girls and I got all dressed up and headed over to Medieval Times. We were all placed on the red team which was one of the 6 teams in the tournament. Our arch enemies, the green team, put up a great fight to try and over power our chants, but turns out these princesses could be pretty competitive! We had so much fun cheering on our victorious Red Knight! All of our voices were sore by the end of it! I was really excited because the knight threw me one of the flowers. That’s when I felt most like a princess! I can’t wait until the next time I go back!

10347715_1410315089229338_3980751468027303303_n 10505589_1410315842562596_3928519965759867177_n 10556514_317318401757047_3442444511720286676_n 10556524_10152285574363037_8455182300536342774_nTo view more photos, visit my MISS TEENAGE CANADA album on my facebook page:

– Jillian, oxox

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