Day Three: Miss Teenage Canada!

Started off the morning WAY too early!! We were off and running at 5 am and headed to Breakfast Television. It was so cool to be on tv and be the center of attention this time. The other girls that were interviewed as well did very well.

10486221_316213035200917_4490756956186277865_nWe then had a visit from the ladies at Schwartznkoff Professional. They taught the girls tips and tricks for backcombing, curling, up dos and braids. Then put their new skills to the test with a braids and buns challenge for some extra swag. All the girls were able to take home the Dust It Flex and the Salt Spray.

10565269_316213095200911_8498054487914491211_nWe then had lunch provided by Panera Bread. It was both healthy and delicious!

10562971_316213231867564_1984092295328301236_nAfter lunch, we headed to Yorkdale Mall where we received a $25 gift card to Bench! They have so many cute clothes there! The employees were awesome and were taking poloroid pictures of us to take home. I spent a lot of the time outside the store taking pictures with everyone that was passing by which was so much fun! We then received $10 gift cards for supper to spend at the food court provided by Yorkdale Mall.

10557370_316213548534199_271082041774082216_nAfter shopping, the girls headed back to start rehearsals with our choreographer, Shawn Cuffie.


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– Jillian, oxox


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