Canada Music Week In Biggar!

I was given an emergency phone call a couple days before the event. I was invited to an event in small town Biggar, SK to help celebrate Canada Music Week!

They had all sorts of different local talent performing that night! From dancers to singers to full bands with a complete range of ages!

I came out and told them about my journey and what I’m doing now. Then joined by Mark, the organizer, we unveiled a concert poster for yet another local concert with proceeds going towards a digital projector for the town so they can show movies!

1503214_253576508131237_1156562648_n Afterwards, I took pictures with what seemed like every child in the theatre! It was so much fun! The two that made me laugh the most were these two boys that had to be about 13. They got me to sign their arms and their iPods. It was kind of cute! I felt like a real celebrity!

1504080_253576371464584_1727452705_nFor more pictures, visit my facebook page!

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