The Carl Jorgensen Golf Tournament for Cancer

On September 12th I watched my dad and younger brother Leighton compete in the Carl Jorgensen for Cancer Golf Tournament.
The Carl Jorgensen Tournament is always held at the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club which is a great golf course in my hometown of Moose Jaw. The tournament is run as a par twenty seven and the competitors compete as individuals but only play one person at a Leighon Bearchelltime. The competing pair will hit three balls each on one hole from the 150 yard line, 100 yard line and the 50 yard line from the green. Which ever golfer has a lower score will win the match. It is very exciting and nerve racking to watch. I watched my brother Leighton play two matches, he won one and unfortunately lost the other. Now, you must know that Leighton's passion is to golf. He is 14 years old, about 5'1'' and 90lbs but one of the best junior golfers in the province. For the past two years he has dominated in the Hillcrest Club Championship by being the first junior to win both the 14 and under title and the 18 and under title of Club Champion. Just this past year he also came first in his age division in the Order of Merit Tournament where the most prestigious golfers from Saskatchewan compete. He really is my golf role model and even though he is my kid brother, I look up to him in so many ways.
Back to the tournament! After Leighton lost out, we went on to watch and cheer on my dad who was playing one of his childhood friends who happens to be  an inspiration to me and that is my Aunty Leo. She has been there for me so many times during my life and has Pokies given me advice on all sorts of things! Aunty Leo, formally Lori even travelled to Toronto to watch me in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant along with her daughter, my cousin Mayson, so thank you two for the outstanding support you have given me!  Dad, Rod BearchellAs we were watching, Leighton and I were taking paparazzi shots of our dad from the trees and even snapping a few of ourselves. It was a close match but dad ended up coming through and winning by 2 strokes. Dad went on to play Tim Jackman who had beat out Leighton earlier in the day. Dad was leading by one and we thought he was going to win until Tim had three great putts to lead him to victory against Dad. Even though the two of them lost out of the tournament, spirits were still up and the three of us decided to play a few holes at the Lynbrook Golf and Country Club.

The three of us had a blast cruising on the golf cart to hit every shot and hoping the ball was going where we wanted it to! We had so much fun that day so my brother and I decided the next morning to go play a full nine, just the two of us! For not playing all summer I was doing pretty well. The greens were great and the sun was just right. Number eight seemed to be the toughest hole with a green that was invisible from the tee box. With the luck of the wind and a lucky bounce, my Nike ball stayed in the middle of the fairway. I ended up with a score of 42 which is not too shabby! Of course Leighton beat me but that was expected. I cannot wait for our next Lynbrook adventure!

Siera and Leighton

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