Green and Orange Day!

I am in Grade 11 at A.E. Peacock Collegiate, an amazing school of just over seven hundred Grade 9-12 students.

Siera Bearchell and friend at Red Green Go day at high school in MooseJaw At A.E. Peacock we LOVE to show our school spirit! Green and Orange are the official Peacock colours and when you attend a school event such as a football game, you are sure to see a sea of Green and Orange!

Spirit days seem to be everyones favourite! Just after Green and Orange Day we had Pregnant Pause Day (Blue Day) on 09, 09, 09 because it is a nine month pause for all pregnant mothers from alcohol. It is great to see a school with so much positive feedback on things like spirit days where no one is afraid to go a little crazy and dress up!

On Green and Orange day we had a hotdog lunch with free hotdogs for everyone and tons of games on the front lawn! It really is a lot of fun. I will be sad next year when I dress up for my last G&O Day. But, for now I truly am proud to attend Peacock Collegiate!


Siera Bearchell




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