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              Confidence is contagious.. CATCH IT. SPREAD IT.

Join the movement that is taking the media by storm and redefining the way that thousands of young women are  defining  themselves online. #nomakepselfie is back and better than ever.  join the movemnt

Beauty Related anxiety is a huge societal problem  and has been a recognized issue by young women worldwide.   Over 60% of young women  avoid activities because they feel bad about the way they look.  For example • 19% won’t try out for a team or club • 23% won’t go to the beach or pool • 13% won’t give an opinion • 15% won’t go to school. In Brazil over 110,000 of young women underwent a cosmetic surgery in 2009. When girls hold themselves back because they are ashamed of the way they look society misses out.  When girls are ashamed of the way they look they often means they  fail to recognize what they do achieve and feel good about it.  It makes them  feel excluded and disconnected with society and it can makes them want to surrender their individuality and conform to the stereotypical falsehoods of beauty.

          It is so hard to be a young women growing up, there will be many times when you will ask yourself “ Am I good enough?”, “Am I strong enough?” “Am I pretty enough?”. This is why I believe this movement is so powerful. I believe beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety. We are all not perfect. I dealt with depression and anxiety for many years growing up, having those conditions made me constantly compare myself to the figures that I saw on social media, which I now realize in a sense made them worsen. Because of social media we are constantly exposed to those we “deem”  to have perfect lives. Over the years I learned to love myself, all my perfect imperfections and cherish my body for more than what it looks like, I have lungs to breathe, eyes to see, legs to run.  A personal motto I live by is “be your own kind of beautiful”, to me  personally your  appearance means nothing if you have an ugly personality on the inside. If you’re not loving, caring, intelligent and in all just letting your own beautiful light shine from the inside out what you look like means nothing. embrace what you look like and understand that being different is ok.

Let us all challenge the way we represent ourselves on social media. Join myself and thousands of others and post your  own#nomakeupselfie to help inspire the women around you to be confident in there own skin. 

You are all free to be yourselves and you shouldn’t let media or what others say about you cause you to doubt yourselves, each and every single one of you are beautiful in your own unique ways. You each were put here for a reason and each have talents and abilities that make you beautiful and special. I may not wear a crown and sash everyday or have perfectly curled hair or perfect makeup everyday but I still feel like a princess and I want you all to as well.

– Sarah Wojcik- Miss Teenage Canada 2015

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