First few days at Miss Teenage Canada 2015

Miss Teenage Canada 2015 has started! Although I am passing down my crown, It is next to impossible to think about it with the amount of fun we are having.

Cake time at the welcome party!

Cake time at the welcome party!

I feel humbled to be spending time with a truly special group of 82 girls. We are sharing stories, experiences and laughs. Our week has just started, however, it has been full of life-long memories.

On Sunday the girls mingled together for the first time at the welcoming party. We were given gifts from our sponsors, and shared a delicious cake.


Monday was jam-packed! The girls struck a pose at their official Miss Teenage Canada photo shoot and video shoot.

Official Miss Teenage Canada photoshoot.

Official Miss Teenage Canada photoshoot.

They also completed their interview with the group of judges. This was of my favourite sections of the competition last year, since it allowed me to express who I am to the women and men selecting the winner. It allows you to share your personal story and what you’re passionate about and you can even have laughs along the way.

Next up was Tuesday, we were lucky to spend it with Sean Cuffie. An award winning choreographer who has worked with many celebrities. The girls learned tips to strut the runway from the very best. Afterwards they learned their opening number dance, which you can stay tuned for, this upcoming Sunday.

On Wednesday we wore pink-official Miss Teenage Canada hats as we travelled around Southern Ontario. We began our sunny day in Port Credit, which has gorgeous parks and lakes.

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The girls bonded by the water and practiced their runway in the gorgeous surroundings. We then ventured on to compete in Dragon Boat races! We raced, laughed and some girlies even jumped right in the water.

Girls on the Dragon Boat.

Girls on the Dragon Boat.

Spur of the moment, we travelled to Niagara Falls. Not only did we visit the beautiful view, but we also experienced magic that was out of this world. We spent our evening with Greg Frewin, the Champion of Magic,  at dinner and show that blew us out of the water.

My dinner dates at the Magic Show!

My dinner dates at the Magic Show!

Greg managed to cut a woman in half, disappear and bring live tigers out of thin air, all in one show.


I am so proud of the contestants of Miss Teenage Canada 2015 and feel blessed to be amongst them. Each and every one of the girls deserve to be here. It is definitely going to be a tough decision for the judges this coming weekend.

I’ll keep you updated on the rest of our week. So stay tuned!

– Francesca 🙂

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