The Miss Teenage Canada Experience

The girls have taken to their blogs now that they have had time to relax and unwind from the competition week. Many are updating us on their lives and more are reminiscing about the experience. The Miss Teenage Canada girls have all gone above and beyond throughout the competition and we are very proud of them all. There can only be one winner, but they are all unique in their own way.

Here are some of the things the young ladies had to say:

Allie Goedecke, Miss Teen Kitchener Waterloo –World, in her post titled, A Big Thank You to All: “I will hold the memories with me for a lifetime as well as the friendships I have built throughout the pageant.”

Mohna Vaid, Miss Teen Brampton – World , Here at Miss Teenage Canada 2011: “It is definitely an opportunity of a life time!”

Kelsey Johnson, Miss Teen London –World, The Final Show: “This whole experience was amazing, and I am so fortunate to have been given this opportunity!”


Alexandra Hannas, Miss Teen Alberta –World, Miss Teenage Canada 2011: “I’m so thrilled to say that I came out of the competition with the greatest friends I could have ever asked for.”

Tawnuel Phillips, Miss Teen Parkland County –World, The Miss Teen Canda World Pageant Changed my Life: : “My confidence is more alive from doing this pageant, and I am grateful. Hard work can be a tool of Love, and I”ll keep striving.”

Alisha Dagenais, Miss Teen British  Columbia – World, My Toronto Experience: “My Toronto experience was an unforgettable one, and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of it.”


Vahnessa Espig, Miss Teen Kamloops – World, Toronto: “The experience and knowledge we gained will be something that will be with us forever.”


Anastasia Evans, Miss Teen Coquitlam  – World, Miss Teenage Canada 2011: “Being a part of MTCW has truly made me more confident, and given me a whole new look on how one person can make a big difference.”

Sophie Church, Miss Teen Nova Scotia –World, Miss Teenage Canada Pageant: “This experience has been a whole lot of fun and I am so grateful for this opportunity.”


Jessica  Lanzellotti, Miss Teen Manitoba _World, Best Week Of My Life : “I am very happy to have had this experience, I have learned so much throughout this trip, from inspiring stories, to lessons learned.”


Thank you ladies, we are very happy that you were provided with nothing less than a great experience. Keep up with the MTCW blog network to find out what the girls are up to.


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