Lauren Howe’s experience at Miss Teenage Canada 2011

Well, I suppose this is my very first blog post as the new Miss Teenage Canada! Even though the final show took place on July 16th, it still feels as though it were just yesterday. All of this is just so exciting and I couldn’t be any happier!

The Week Of the Pageant:

I had a fantastic time spending a week with 74 gorgeous, kind and intelligent girls from across the country. Not only did we rehearse together and endure the blisters, but we all had an amazing time throughout Toronto. This goes from our official photo and video shoot that took place after the day we arrived to all the amazing activities in the city.

A little “cheer-off” between the two Hippos

We had the opportunity to go on the Hippo Tours (a bus that can miraculously turn into a boat if it drives into water… no big deal eh?), the CN Tower, The Ballroom (a sports bar, restaurant and bowling – all in one), a 50% off shopping spree at Style Exchange on Queen Street, appearing on BT in the morning, going to the Billy Elliot Musical and meeting the cast (SO cute!) and a Karaoke dinner at The Time Zone, clearly it was a busy week. Thank you so much to the MTC-W team for making it so much fun! ET Canada and CTV’s e-talk had joined up with us at times during the week.

Within the week, the girls were judged at a Preliminary night to determine the top 20 and also a separate contest took place for the Talent award. It was amazing to see the diverse talents that exist within this small group of girls.

I was selected as part of the top six photogenic. This meant I was allowed to participate in a very fun, high-fashion photo-shoot in the Royal York Hotel. Those photos determined the “most-photogenic” award (Congratulations to the gorgeous Sara Winter!).

Final Night:

The final night was a lot of fun and nerve racking at the same time. The entire night just flew by. My heart would race faster than normal every time the girls were narrowed down. All the girls looked beautiful that night, especially in their gorgeous evening wear.

When the moment came:

At first, when Alexandra’s name was called as the first runner-up, all I remember thinking is “congratulations” and I started clapping for her. When my name was announced as the

“The Moment”

new Miss Teenage Canada, I was honestly shocked. It took a couple seconds for me to register that I won or that that very moment was actually happening. I started to tear up, my body began to shake and it wouldn’t stop for a long time that night.

The next year for Miss Teenage Canada:

There are so many things that I am looking forward to over the next year and various things that I would like to accomplish. I am looking forward to letting people know about my platform, helping shine a light on the issue and getting them to realize that the food on their plate can help someone else. I hope to get more food venues involved into the food recovery program as well as continue my participation in food banks and donation centres. Even though this is my platform, there are also so many more issues that I would like to help out with.

I want to help as any people as I can . I want to inspire young girls to feel beautiful and to embrace everything about themselves. I want to help people, no matter what. I am really excited to try the wide range of opportunities that I have never been exposed to before including “We Day” hosted by the non-profit organization, Free The Children.

Thank you again so much to everyone at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant for everything that they have done for all the girls!



About Lauren Howe

Lauren is a gracious, outgoing eighteen year old with a 95% average who plans to study Biochemical Engineering at University. In addition to her High School Diploma, she has received her UCAPE Diploma, the Global Leadership Diploma and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and she is fluent in French and English. Being passionate about athletics, she was captain of her Varsity field hockey team and played with Team Ontario. Lauren loves to spend time with those who have special needs. She has natural affinity for travel and exploration, where she strives to learn about different cultures throughout the world. Lauren has also participated in two service projects, taking her to Ghana and Peru. She loves to run, snowboard, kick-box, scuba dive and surf at every given opportunity. Lauren is currently working on a documentary to raise awareness that perfectly good wasted food can be donated to those in need.
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