Homework and Avatar!


I have been spending the last week trying to get ahead on the work I will be missing at school while I am in Kenya! When I return, it will be getting close to finals and I definitely don't want to be behind. I have spent all of my weekend so far doing homework and right now, I happen to be watching "Avatar" while writing this blog. If you haven't seen "Avatar", it is a must! Even if you are not into the whole science-fiction, fantasy kind of movie, it doesn't matter. The production of the film is sure to wow anyone who watches it and the storyline is actually very innovative and clever. I think it deserves all of the awards and publicity it has received. So far, I am very impressed and I am telling you too to check out the movie! 



P.S. Jambo mean hello! and Amani means peace! 🙂 

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