9th Annual Moose Jawg Charity Road Race!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day!


    On the morning of Canada Day, I ran in the 9th Annual Moose Jawg Charity Road Race! I, along with many of my friends and family participated in the race and helped raise money for the Moose Jaw Health Foundation. This was my second year taking part in the race and once again this year, I placed third in the 19 and Under Female 5K! A lot of money was raised and over 500 runners and walkers took part. I had a lot of fun and this year, it was even more fantastic because my mom, brother, Auntie Leo and Auntie Moe all came out to volunteer! We ended off the morning with a fabulous breakfast and awards!


Emmett and I post race! We both ended up getting 3rd in our divisions! Woohoo

Regan, Brooke and I showing off our Kayana Asics!

Graeme(placed 4th in the 5K), Regan (placed 1st in the 5K), Brooke, Me, Emmett (placed 3rd in the 5K) and Jake! 🙂


Later in the day, a few of us went out kayaking and it was a blast! Numerous mosquitoes and leeches were about, but it was nothing but a great time! The day ended with beautiful fireworks and a severe thunderstorm with plenty of lightning! It really was a fabulous Canada Day! 


Siera 🙂

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