Miss Teenager Pageant Guatemala City Recap!

Wow. What an amazing experience it has been this summer! A couple of weeks after being crowned Miss Teenage Canada, I was off to Guatemala City to represent Canada  on an international basis.

Here, I try my best to summarize the week’s action-packed events with somewhat of an itinerary and pictures we captured throughout the competition. Enjoy!

Day 1: was arrival day for all the delegates from across the world. After eating lunch and dinner (while getting to chat with all the girls), we were surprised with a clown parade where we met with various social workers who spoke to us about the importance of making a difference in the lives of those who are bed ridden in hospitals. There couldn’t of been a better way to start off the competition and not to mention a great ice breaker.

Day 2: was the poolside and beach bikini photo shoot where we shot with a great team of photographers. The photo shoot was followed by dance rehearsals for the final night show. So far there were 35 delegates from around the world who had arrived. I was also trying to practice my Spanish with the Latin American girls at this point. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the photo shoot.


Day 3: was our video shoot day. Dressed in our national costumes, we shot 30 second video clips where we introduced our country and ourselves. Here are some pictures of my vibrant and lively costume.


Day 4: was the night of talent show and by this time I had been practicing my Spanish because I was to perform my comedy skit in both Spanish and in English. Luckily, my accent was convincible and the audience was amused!

Day 5: was a rather busy day, in that, we started off the day with a visit to parliament. We then had an interview on a local radio station, followed by bowling and then ended the day modelling for a local fashion show.

Day 6: was the day before the final show and we were to be in another fashion show (how cool!). Here are some behind the scenes pictures along with runway pictures:

Day 7: Before I knew it, the night of the final show had arrived. This past week was a long and busy one but overall one of the best experiences of my life. Through traveling and meeting new people, I can personally say that I learnt a lot in a very short amount of time. Regardless of Sunday’s results, I sincerely hope that I represented Canada well and made people proud. Finally, here are some shots from the final night competition


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