Miss Teenage Canada Turns 19 on Canada Day

July 1st – I celebrated my birthday in the best way possible, by sharing it with friends and family!
Unfortunately Toronto’s events for Canada Day that I was scheduled to attend as Miss Teen Canada were cancelled due to the city strike. Nonetheless, I had a great birthday! The best part about having your birthday on Canada Day is that everyone gets the day off work, and of course the fireworks.
A few friends and I watched the fireworks in Uxbridge. Coincidently, the day before, while my dad and I were buying fireworks to let off in our backyard we met the
pyrotechnician that was putting the firework show together. During that same time, Rogers TV was there interviewing the store owner of Vulcan Fireworks. I was hoping to make it into the story, but when I watched it online later it was mainly about the fireworks and the man who owned the store. 

All-and-all it was a great birthday filled with: family, friends, presents, cake and fireworks, I’ll always remember my 19th birthday!

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