Happy New Year!

Wow! It’s amazing how much your life can change within a year! Personally, I thank god for the year I have had. My family and friends are healthy, I’ve met some amazing people and I could have never imagined myself where I am today.

If there is one thing I would love to see more in the following year between peers and strangers is kindness. Everyone has a story to share, so please take the time to listen. Sometimes, the smallest acts can make the biggest difference in someones life. To make the effort to speak out against bullying, to offer a meal to a homeless person or to lend a helping hand to anyone in need are only a few of the small steps that will help make the world a better place.

I hope that all of you have an amazing, healthy, happy 2012 full of blessings! Embrace every second of it and good luck with your resolutions! xo

About Lauren_Howe

Lauren is a gracious, outgoing eighteen year old with a 95% average who plans to study Biochemical Engineering at University. In addition to her High School Diploma, she has received her UCAPE Diploma, the Global Leadership Diploma and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and she is fluent in French and English. Being passionate about athletics, she was captain of her Varsity field hockey team and played with Team Ontario. Lauren loves to spend time with those who have special needs. She has natural affinity for travel and exploration, where she strives to learn about different cultures throughout the world. Lauren has also participated in two service projects, taking her to Ghana and Peru. She loves to run, snowboard, kick-box, scuba dive and surf at every given opportunity. Lauren is currently working on a documentary to raise awareness that perfectly good wasted food can be donated to those in need.
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