Winter Getaway

While I was in Arizona I got to play a round of golf with my grandma, grandpa and brother! I didn't play too bad for not holding a club since the summer. We had a great time and enjoyed the sun! I love golfing, but not as much as my dad and brother. they played 36 holes everyday! Crazy.

 About ten minutes from where my grandparents live there is a place called Christmas Tree Pass and it is kind of ironic because it is in the middle of the desert and there is barely any plants never mind Christmas Trees! Anyways, this place is all rock and has symbols that were painted onto them thousands of years ago and have now fossilized. It really is quite interesting and it can be a lot of fun and a great work out! Climbing really gets those legs working!

Siera Bearchell and Leighton Bearchell

 We had a great time for the few days we stayed at grandma and grandpas and I think they enjoyed our company! I cannot wait to see them when they get home in April!

 We left Bullhead City to drive back to Vegas for a day and then unforunately fly back home. When we were in Las Vegas we went shopping at the Premium Outlets which have some great deals and then to downtown Vegas where the Fashion Show Mall is located. The Fashion Show Mall has some fantastic stores like Betsey Johnson and Victoria's Secret which is one of my all time fav's. After battling with the hectic shopping crowds we went over to Planet Hollywood where we watched the recent top 7 from America's Got Talent perform. It was so cool to see the acts in real person! Grandma Lee was hilarious and Recycled Percussion was outstanding. It is definitely a show I would recommend seeing if you have the chance to see it live.

Siera Bearchell, Leighton Bearchell and Grandma Lee

 Our winter getaway was great and it was nice to get out of the cold weather for a short while! Now it's back to school!

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