Christmas Break is Finally Here!

The Christmas Break is finally here and I couldn't be happier!

 As I am typing this blog post my black kitten Elliott is trying to type with me! hahaa Oh my, he is so cute:)

I am getting super excited to fly to Arizona on Christmas Day to see my grandparents because it has been sooo cold here in Moose Jaw, SK! There has been many days where it has reached almost -50C with the wind chill! Brr! I think the Arizona sun will do me good! Is anyone else going away for the Holidays?

On Thurday, a film crew came into our home and filmed interviews with my mom, dad, brother and me! They are doing a documentary type thing on me and it will be aired all across Saskatchewan and who knows, maybe it will make it across Canada! If I can, I will post it on my blog for you guys to view.:) The interview I enjoyed watching the most was my brothers. He said such nice things about me and spoke so well. I was proud of him. After the New Year, they are going to come back and film me at school and do some fun reality stuff! Can't wait for that.

Leighton Bearchell

The interviews ended just in time for me to make it to the basketball game going on at my school. I have been to almost every Peacock Toilers Basketball game this season and they have won every game! Good Luck perhaps? The game on Thursday was quite exciting and they ended up taking the win 87-52 I believe? Even though they didn't keep their points neck and neck, it was still energizing.

Peacock Toilers Basketball

Well, my new goal this week is to blog every single day! Stay posted to see if I can attain it.

 Happy Holidays




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