Free The Children Vow Of Silence

“I Am Silent”

Many of us are beyond lucky and we don’t even know it. We we’re lucky enough to be born in a land where children can go to school, where children have a voice. Thousands of children around the world have been born into a situation in which they are not given the chance to have a choice of their own.  Many are forced to work for less than minimum wage in inhumane, unjust conditions.


In fact…

101 million children worldwide are not receiving an education.

215 million children are forced to work as child laborers and half of these children work in dangerous condition.

One third of children in developing countries is malnourished.


Today, thousands of youth take a stand for vow the silence. Even though this takes place once a year, that doesn’t mean you cannot help with your school. The smallest amount can make the largest difference in someone else’s’ life.  To read more about this campaign, visit Free The Children’s webpage here.

About Lauren_Howe

Lauren is a gracious, outgoing eighteen year old with a 95% average who plans to study Biochemical Engineering at University. In addition to her High School Diploma, she has received her UCAPE Diploma, the Global Leadership Diploma and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and she is fluent in French and English. Being passionate about athletics, she was captain of her Varsity field hockey team and played with Team Ontario. Lauren loves to spend time with those who have special needs. She has natural affinity for travel and exploration, where she strives to learn about different cultures throughout the world. Lauren has also participated in two service projects, taking her to Ghana and Peru. She loves to run, snowboard, kick-box, scuba dive and surf at every given opportunity. Lauren is currently working on a documentary to raise awareness that perfectly good wasted food can be donated to those in need.
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