Chair Affair Gala

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 12.37.04 PMThis past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending Chair Affair, a fundraising gala in support of Furniture Bank. The Furniture Bank is a charity and social enterprise that transfers gently used furniture and household goods donated to them to people who are in need. 

The first time I visited Furniture Bank, I was inspired from the get-go by their commitment to empower lives. When the team asked me to design a chair for their upcoming event I was incredibly excited and got to work right away.

IMG_3840My chair was featured in the silent auction along with 30 other beautifully refurbished chairs.

 “The inspiration for my chair redesign was to create a stylish pageant chair for a young girls room. I used the material from one of the gowns I wore when I competed for Miss Teenage Canada because the colour, sequins and ruffles made it fun to create this ideal transformation. The dress meant a lot to me when I competed because it made me feel confident and I looked like a princess. Further more, the evening gown portion of the night allows the judges to see your poise, grace and personality on stage. I want a young girl sitting in this chair to feel as inspired and special as I did on stage when I was wearing it.”

The event was a huge success and I had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people, including a few young fans. One lucky girl, walked away feeling like a princess with her new Miss Teenage Canada throne.

Check out more photos HERE!

Until next time,

Francesca 🙂

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