A Full Day Of Rehearsals and Fun for Miss Teenage Canada Contestants

Tuesday was a day filled with rehearsals, both before and after lunch! They were hard work but the girls need to know exactly what to do the day of the show so that they can be truly confident on stage. 

Rehearsals for the Show:

The day started with choreography rehearsals with Shawn Cuffie–this was the girls’ first introduction to this year’s music and dance. The practice took place in the hotel but a mock stage was laid out to make sure the ladies know exactly where to go. There were a lot of staging questions, but to ensure that everything flows smoothly the day of the show, the girls had to get their moves perfectly memorized. The songs were picked out by popular demand, and girls that weren’t directly being coached got to dance around and enjoy the music. The girls have been helping each other practice the dance moves and picking each other up if one trips on their heels. It’s incredible to see them becoming best friends and turning into other’s support systems. Chris Fry was in attendance and he helped the girls who weren’t in choreography training with some extra “walk” coaching.

Lunch Time at Frankie Tomatto’s:

At noon, it was time for a much-needed lunch, so the ladies were taken to Frankie Tomatto’s. The buffet offers a wide range of food options and everyone’s dietary needs were taken care of. The buffet offered seafood, chicken and salads, and don’t even get me started on the dessert bar. Anything and everything from ice cream to freshly cut fruit were available choices for the Miss Teens. We all got to chat about the upcoming events of the day and our favorite sports and stars. Everyone bonded over the abundant amount of food and laughs. After the exceptional meal, the girls and I were taken back to the hotel for more rehearsal time before catching a performance of Billy Elliot.

Billy Elliot at Canon Theatre:

Our night was spectacular. We were taken to watch the Billy Elliot performance at the Canon theatre. The anticipation on the bus ride to the show was hotter than a furnace. The show was incredible and filled with raves. The crowd cheered and gave a standing ovation to Julian Elia, who played the role of Billy Elliot. The story takes place in 1984 when the British National Union of Mineworkers went on strike to save the coal industry. We get to follow the story of a young boy (Billy) and his family as they deal with the harsh circumstances the strike puts on their family. Billy finds himself falling in love with Ballet and uses it as his way to escape his troubles at home.

The show was filled with lights, music, dance and talent, with music written by Elton John and direction by Stephen Daldry. After the show ended the girls got to meet some of the cast members. We waited after the crowds left the theatre and then got the chance to meet some of the cast. The girls met Julian Elia ( Billy Elliot), Dillon Stevens (Michael), and Jake Epstein (Tony Elliot). The ladies took a number of photographs and got to ask the 3 cast members questions about the show and their hometowns.

Stay tuned for more updates on the girls journey.

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