15 year old Cece Wu from Vancouver, British Columbia is your new Miss Teenage Canada 2023!

Cece is passionate about supporting those in need and in making a positive impact on others through acts of kindness. Fearless and dedicated, Cece has the resilience to overcome obstacles and the integrity to persevere in anything she does. She is a competitive black belt taekwondo athlete and a prima-level ballerina. To inspire others in trying new things and in breaking the conceptions of who people think they should be, Cece “breaks” boundaries by volunteering to demo taekwondo in community events and elementary schools to teach the younger generation the importance of being active. To promote her platform on helping families with food insecurity and education, she has been fundraising and participating in charity work in her local communities and in rural areas in China. Pageantry has been a starting point for Cece to chase her dreams of bringing value to everyone she interacts with as she walks through life.