Miss Teen Canada – World, Lauren Howe – Off To University!

It feels so weird to be at university already! It’s like I’m still on vacation, and I am going home next week for another year at high school. It’s even weirder to think that this new city, Montreal, is literally going to be my second home for the next four years (or more!). At least I get a little bit of home by staying in another smaller version of the concrete jungle that is Toronto. I honestly can’t wait to start exploring a little bit more and seeing what I can do to help. Since I grew up in Toronto my whole life, I’ve known about all Toronto charities there to help out with, and I can’t wait to find new places here!

For any of you who are heading off to university very soon (or a boarding school), I have found out many things that you are definitely going to want in your residence/dorm room/apartment. I’m sure I will discover more things as my time goes on here. Anyways here are my top three things;

Good Luck for everyone trying to figure out what to pack for school!

1. A mattress comforter — you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud but it really doesn’t help when you need to get out of bed in the morning

2. Tea, Tea, Tea. I don’t know why, but I just love to have this when I am studying – it helps me relax and focus.

3. Air Freshener  – Sometimes the ones you put in your car really do the trick quite nicely! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a “smelly” person, you will love the smell of your room.

I actually had to move in a week early for the university’s Varsity Field Hockey team try outs, and I am very happy right now that I made the team! To any of you college/university seekers out there looking to play sports at university, be prepared to be dedicated. I mean it.

Not only are try outs going to be a way to whip you into shape after a lazy (yet lovely!) summer, but practices during the season are intense too. Put it this way- for field hockey, they consist of three 6:30 AM practices a week plus fitness training sessions in the gym. Now I am not trying to scare you out of this, at all. It is an amazing opportunity to not only to stay in shape (especially to avoid those freshman 15) but also meet people who share the same interests as you. From what I have heard, your team basically becomes your family –  you train together, sweat together, win together.

Anyways, tomorrow morning is our first early morning practice and it is also the first day of school. I have no idea what to think right now. For the first time I am starting to feel very nervous. I mean I have massive lecture halls of about six hundred people! This is for classes such as biology, chemistry, calculus and physics since I am currently in the Biomedical program (still trying to figure out to transfer to engineering but that is a whole other boring story since I just got new advice from a person called an “academic advisor”).

Until later, now I am off to my next practice.

About Lauren_Howe

Lauren is a gracious, outgoing eighteen year old with a 95% average who plans to study Biochemical Engineering at University. In addition to her High School Diploma, she has received her UCAPE Diploma, the Global Leadership Diploma and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and she is fluent in French and English. Being passionate about athletics, she was captain of her Varsity field hockey team and played with Team Ontario. Lauren loves to spend time with those who have special needs. She has natural affinity for travel and exploration, where she strives to learn about different cultures throughout the world. Lauren has also participated in two service projects, taking her to Ghana and Peru. She loves to run, snowboard, kick-box, scuba dive and surf at every given opportunity. Lauren is currently working on a documentary to raise awareness that perfectly good wasted food can be donated to those in need.
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