MTC-W 2010 People’s Choice Winner!

Each year the Miss Teenage Canada team puts out a challenge to see who can get the most votes through their blogging prowess and online presence. Opening on July 1st and closing on July 17th at noon, this competition picks the People’s Choice award through online voting. After a tough competition, this year we are excited to announce that the MTC-W People’s Choice award goes to Jaya Pham from Spaniard’s Bay, Newfoundland!

Jaya blew us away by getting 2,507 votes out of a total of 14,229 votes. She consistently maintained a fantastic blog, fulfilling all 3 of her blog assignments with intelligence and flair. We loved Spaniard’s Bay; this article was not just well written but was a fantastic reminder of how much there is to discover in our wonderful country! Jaya also wrote an awesome pitch for her very own comedy TV show called “The Fame Game” and an eye-opening blog about Free The Children‘s corporate sponsorship with The Toronto Star. We think that Jaya’s goal says it all – in her words: “my goal is to inspire young women to be themselves, and to never be ashamed of who they are or where they come from.”

Congrats to Jaya – keep up the great work!

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