Samantha Pierre, Miss Teenage Canada 2016

13775562_10154218588770295_2208252015389719324_n“I’m a great believer in luck. The harder [you] work, the more luck [you] have” Unknown (although many attribute it to Thomas Jefferson).
Samantha is a 19 year old from Canada’s Capital; Ottawa, Ontario. She will be entering her first year at the University of Toronto for international studies in hopes to further pursue a career as an international lawyer or diplomat of Canada. Samantha’s love of languages persists through her studies. She currently speaks fluent English and French with a basic knowledge of Spanish and American Sign Language and has German and Italian diction training. Samantha is also fascinated by Asian languages and hopes to one day further her knowledge of Japanese and Mandarin.

Her love of languages began 10 years ago when she began studying voice with Professor Yoriko Tanno at YTK Studios. There she was not only educated on modern styles such as pop and musical theatre but also on the classical operatic style. Samantha has participated in many operatic showcases with YTK Studios and was even hired to sing professionally after her performance for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and the Kiwanis Club of Manotick. Samantha has been avid participator in the Kiwanis Music Festival since the age of 9, winning several awards, trophies, scholarships and representing Ottawa 4 times at the OMFA Provincials Finals. Samantha has also completed her Grade 8 with first class honours with the Royal Conservatory of Music and is continuing her studies in Grade 9 and 10 practical voice and theory training. A trained dancer, Samantha has also completed many of her dance exams through the Studio School of Dance in Ottawa. She was also the recipient of the 2012 Dance Award at Canterbury High School. Samantha graduated on the honour roll and receiving a silver medal from Canterbury High School in 2015. As well as receiving her DELF B2 French certification and Extended French certificate, Samantha also received her Fine Arts diploma in Drama with Distinction.

Throughout High School, Samantha worked as a princess entertainer with Little Princess Party Fun, bringing joy to many young birthday girls across Ottawa through her enticing magic shows, adorable balloon animals, beautiful face paintings and astounding singing. (Although she wishes to never again hear the song L†et†It†Go°). Samantha also worked as a voice, piano and dance instructor at the Centrepoint Music Academy and Artistic Preschool. She worked briefly at Roots, as she believes it is very important for everyone to work in the retail/service industry at least once in their lives.

Through her year as Miss Teenage Canada, Samantha hope to continue to advocate for a new perspective on the word feminism to mean gender equality. She believes that too often the word is misrepresented to mean misandrism, which is the belief that women are better than men. She hopes to reach out to the younger female demographic of Canada to make them more comfortable and confident using this word with the correct direction and definition.Through this she hopes to one day see gender equality in Canada and hopefully one day in the world.

Samantha hopes to bring pride to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Miss Teenage Canada past and future winners, friends, family and especially young women across the country as Miss Teenage Canada. She wishes to use her title to help others, from volunteering and fundraising with charities such as Free the Children to inspiring young girls. Samantha’s energy shines wherever she goes and she hopes to infect others with her positive outlook on life. She wishes to leave everyone with one final quote; “Live everyday as Elle Woods did after Warner told her she wasn’t smart enough for law school.”