Official Schedule for 2011 Provincial Pageants

We are coming to your province! We have 70 sparkling crowns to award – One may have your name on it.

Official Schedule for 2011 Provincial Pageants


Ontario  - November 27th &  28th 2010 Toronto

Alberta  – February 19th &  20th 2011 Calgary

British Columbia March 5th&  6th Vancouver

Newfoundland and Labrador  March 17th –  20th 2010

St John’s  Please apply through http://www.nfpageants.net/

Saskatchewan   April 9th & 10th Saskatoon

New Brunswick  - Nova Scotia – PEI  April 16th and 17ths  2011 Halifax
Manitoba  April 30th May 1st 2011  Winnipeg

Quebec  May 7th & May 8th 2011- Montreal

Northern Ontario  May 26th -  28th 2011  Sudbury

Please apply through http://www.missnorthontario.com/


Note: MTC-W inc. reserves the rights to change the date. Sufficient notice will be given to all involved.


  1. How do you apply for the miss teen Nova Scotia pageant?

  2. Do we apply for miss teen saskatchewan under the miss north ontairo website ?

  3. hi
    when is the provincial for new brunswick and where is it?

  4. How do you apply for the provincial in new brunswick?

    could i apply if i have a permanet resident card not a citizen yet?

  5. I believe that the Miss Teen New Brunswick one is being held in Halifax Nova scotia, along with PEI and Nova Scotia. Or thats what I am told and i am in the miss teen nova scotia one.. also to apply just message Michelle at info@missteencanadaworld.com

  6. thanks you

  7. do u have to have other pagent experinces to join miss teen canada?

  8. No, you dont have to have any experience.. some of the winners of miss teen Canada- world and miss teen world have never been in any sort of pageant before, just wanted to do something new. However I have been in pageants for 7 years which i believe gives me an advantage, but maybe not. You just have to be yourself

  9. Will i miss school during this competition?

  10. how old do you have to be to enter the competition???

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