Aritzia Jumps on Board!

We love cool Canadian retailer Aritzia for their chic and girly wear. And now they’re on board with MTC-W 2010!Miss Teen Canada-World is pleased to announce that Aritzia is also on board as one of our corporate sponsors for 2010! We love Aritzia’s gorgeous gear for its wearability and chic-factor, and the retailer has been making a splash everywhere from fashion blogs to the celebrity closets of starlets like Rachel Bilson and Kristen Stewart. With stores across Canada and the U.S., Aritzia is a proudly Canadian company that has expanded at an astounding rate, thanks to their fabulous ladies’ wear. Aritzia has something for everyone with in-house brands like TNA for the young and sporty, Talula for the stylish professional Online Pokies and Wilfred (a favourite here at FRANK!) for the city girl with a keen sartorial eye. We’re so excited that Aritzia is providing us with gift cards for all of the Finalists, so we’re sure they’ll be geared in style during their time in Toronto.

One of the things we love about Aritzia is its cool corporate culture – not only are the clothes fashion forward, but the company always seems to have the hottest mixes spinning in their stores, and they celebrate phenomenal emerging artists with their Artist Bag Series. From head to toe, we love everything about this company… thanks so much to the Aritzia team for giving us gift cards to distribute to the finalists at the competition!


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