Madison T.

AGE 15, HEIGHT 5"2', LaRonge

Madison  T., Saskatchewan

Madison T.'s goals...

Madison's education has always been important to her because it will eventually bring her great opportunities in the near future. Madison has always wanted to pursue a career in the health department. She has always had a burning passion in helping others and she hopes that she will have a career that reflects on that.

Madison T.'s bio...

School has always been a big part of Madison’s life. She was pushed and pushed to succeed and she never failed to make her acquaintances proud. Madison has always been mentally inclined. She enjoys Science and English for her favorite subjects. In fact, she got an ELA academic achievement award for Grade 9! Although school wasn’t always easy for her, she always found ways to pull through. For her to participate in an event to portray the land she came from made her smile from ear to ear. Madison loves to see people happy and knowing that she’s going to represent communities across Saskatchewan gives her a sense of delight.