Tanya P.

AGE 16, HEIGHT 5"5', North York

Tanya P., Ontario

Tanya P.'s goals...

Tanya is determined to use this platform as a way of not only spreading awareness but bringing justice to the prejudice and discrimination in our society. She plans to do this in a new creative and unique way to start a movement.

Tanya P.'s bio...

What she is not, is ordinary. Her artistic capabilities make her this very unique and creative person, which ultimately makes her open minded in the process. Coming from a country where gender equality is taboo, it makes Tanya an extremely passionate advocate for human rights and social justice. Proven to be difficult in the schooling system, Tanya balances her priorities in the arts with academic success and extracurriculars such as sports and fashion shows. She currently models but intends to follow a career in social science and politics alongside fashion and writing. What a mix, fit only for this individual.