Kara S.

AGE 16, HEIGHT 6"1', Sorrento

Kara S., British Columbia

Kara S.'s goals...

It is Kara’s dream to bring hope to the survivors who have lost a loved one to suicide; and for them to know that they are always worthy, valuable, and loved.

Kara S.'s bio...

Although Kara suffered the tragic loss of her father at a young age, she knows the love and support of family and friends, and is excited for the future holds. Kara loves to enjoy the beauty of nature through hiking, and expresses her vivid imagination through writing. Kara has traveled to Mexico for the past 4 years to work with the youth. Kara loves her job at the local gym, and believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes all aspects of life. After Graduation Kara plan to study Classical Chinese Medicine.